Akhil Gogoi faces vandalism of flawed Indian Democracy


Akhil Gogoi

By- Priyankan Goswami

Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) leader Akhil Gogoi has been directed by the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court Kamrup to get admitted in the Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) in view of his failing health. This direction was made today afternoon, June 26. In addition Akhil Gogoi has been directed for 14 days of judicial custody on account of charges owing to the violent protests done in Guwahati three days earlier, which resulted in massive destruction of property and death of three people.

Charges against Akhil Gogoi unjustified – a common man’s view

Akhil Gogoi has been charged of Destruction of public property in the recent violent protests. It is understood that Akhil Gogoi will find it difficult to shy himself away from the cases arising out of protests. However the point to be noted is the use of the word destruction of Public Property.

Destruction of Public Property or Government property – During the protests, the property that was destroyed included a police vehicle (Gypsy) and some buses. The police vehicle for the public has been actually a sight of terror and uselessness for Assam, especially in Guwahati. Guwahati has witnessed huge growth of crime rate, dacoity, murder, kidnapping, prostitution and others. The police gypsy in almost all cases reaches late, when the crime is already accomplished. Youth of Guwahati would also remember how they had to run at the sight of a police gypsy. Especially in areas around Dispur, Beltola, etc police gypsies often picked up innocent youths just because they were chatting in groups (Typical Adda of the Assamese). It is not a surprise if the local youth, forget about protestors of KMSS, burned down a police gypsy on a given day, out of anger and frustration. The police gypsy basically is not a public property, but a Government property. The city buses too are not for public service alone. People pay for a ride and the Government uses these buses for generating revenue and not just a service to the people. This again can be termed a government property. A textbook person or some lawyers would probably laugh off at the thought of Public vs. Government property. But this is actually worth a thought.

Why no charges on Congress supporters who indulged in destruction

If there were KMSS activists destroying buses, there are now also clear reports that there were Congress supporters who had joined the protestors and destroyed buses and vehicles. However there is absolutely no sign of willingness by the Government to enquire into this into detail. It does need mentioning that not a single Congress supporter or worker, who indulged in the protest for their own motives, is arrested. Nor are any such people expected to be arrested, for obvious reasons.

During the day long Assam Bandh called yesterday, Youth Congress members were found rallying around on roads giving anti-Akhil Gogoi slogans. They too created menace. They broke locks of shops in Guwahati and forced opening them. Threats were issued to shopkeepers and others who followed the Bandh. All of these were done in complete view of police and authorities. Here again, it was destruction of property and violation of rights and freedom of the common people. However no charges were issued against them. The police just acted as smiling onlookers. Some democracy indeed in our country!

Father of child killed in protest forced to speak against Akhil Gogoi

Yunus Ali, father of 10 year old Rubul Ali is being repeatedly threatened by different sections. He is being asked to blame Akhil Gogoi for his son’s death! Pro-Congress news channels have even stated that Akhil Gogoi has not even visited the family to offer his grievances! However the same news channel would never dare to point out that no Government official or anyone of the ruling party (including the local MLA who had gone for seeking vote earlier) has not gone to visit the grieved father and mother, who have lost now more than his unregistered land. They have lost their most precious property, they have lost their dreams for their son’s future forever and darkness awaits them for life. Yet Yunus Ali receives only threats for worse measures if he does not speak Akhil Gogoi! The Government has not even set up an enquiry on how the innocent child was killed, whose rifle or service pistol shot him dead. If Akhil Gogoi can be charged and arrested for violent protest, why can the head of the state forces be held guilty for killing a child? Is it too much to ask even for an enquiry?

Akhil Gogoi, as we have stated earlier has flaws in his leadership skills and needs to change some of his traits for his own and people’s good, as per his critics have remarked. It can not be denied that Akhil Gogoi immerged as the victorious out of his arrest case. Similarly the necessity of evicting illegal occupants from hill is still justified, if done with humane and remunerations done for the needy and the poor. However the way Congress Government is attempting to downcast Akhil Gogoi and showing discrimination just proves the vandalism of the Government. The Indian State Machine has once again proved that our democracy is completely flawed. One now is forced to wonder if un-democratic protests or armed struggles are actually justified against this brutal system.

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Akhil Gogoi faces vandalism of flawed Indian Democracy

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