Your atrocity on Public brought this ambush – ULFA[I]

A day after horrible ambush by ULFA[I] in Pengeri forest, killing 3 Army personnel and injuring several others, the outfit named it as “strike against army atrocity on public”.

In a telephonic statement by ULFA [I] Assistant Publicity Secretary, Captain Arunodoy Asom said, “The ambush was meant to a lesson for Indian occupying forces. It’s our counter strike against their atrocity on the public that they have done since November 17th night. They have tortured civilians in Dhekiajan and Muluk Gaon of Pengeri since November 17. Many civilians are seriously injured and hospitalized due to torture of army.”

The militant leader also urged to national and regional media to highlight army atrocities also as media have been silent about the army atrocities in the Pengeri area since November 17. Captain Arunodoy Asom also said that Membor Sonowal, Binu Soowal, Girin Sonowal, Putul Sonowal, Golap Sonowal & Niranjan Sonowal of Pengeri were hospitalized due to the army atrocity on November 17, but no media screened it as a news.

“We have ambushed the same army personnel who were involved in torturing public. The more they will harass the public, the more ambush will be launched against them.”, he also added.

Mentionable that, on November 19, three army jawans killed and several others were seriously injured in an ambush by ULFA[I] militant in Pengeri of Tinisukia district.

The army and police launched an operation against the militant group immediately after the ambush, but no success has been achieved yet. The search operation is still going on in that area. People of nearby villages have taken shelter in temples fearing army atrocity.

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