Assam Ayurvedic Doctors contiue OPD despite AAMSA on ‘OPD Service Boycott’

The All Assam Medical Service Association (AAMSA) is on a series of’ complete OPD Service Boycott since October 19, in protest of their ten demands charter. The AAMSA president Dr. Nani Gopal Chaharia and secretary Dr. Kanak Chandra Talukdar, on press note, released their charter of demands with the launch of their series of agitational programs starting from October 19 which are to be continued till November 3.

The AAMSA is an organization of allopathic doctors i.e. MBBS doctors, under which the current OPD ‘denial’ protests are running. Despite considering that Assam has large numbers of Cancer, Hypertension, Neurological, and other severe patients, – the OPD service is fully denied in government hospitals. Ironically, the same allopathic doctors are still practicing OPD in private hospitals.

While Times of Assam correspondences tried to talk to some MBBS doctors, all of them kept silent with ‘no comment’ remarks. However, Times of Assam was able to connect several Ayurvedic Doctors, who are serving all kinds of Medical Services including OPD and Emergency services.

Talking to Times of Assam, most Ayurvedic doctors said that they are committed to ‘serve humanity as ‘code of ethic’, while a few MBBS doctors informed us that, they cannot do anything beyond the instruction of their association.

No wonder is that this is an appreciable effort of Assam Ayurvedic doctors, despite they are too facing issues like ‘fixed payment per month’, ‘no TA/DA’, ‘no grade pay’ etc.