Assam Flood: For the first time World offering helping hand for Flood victims


Days after Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar donated for Assam flood victims and asked others to ‘act, not just tweet’, individuals and organizations are coming ahead to help Assam flood victims which were never witnessed earlier in the history of Assam flood.

Apart from various organizations and NGOs, the big payment gateways such as Google Pay and PayTM has come together with ways to contribute to the relief of Assam Floods. It is to be noted that this is the first time any product of google has come in for supporting a cause like this with a monetary contribution and is being highly appreciated. Further google coming forward in this noble cause has huge value for the sheer number of people it can reach out for this cause.

In order to provide relief to those affected by the destruction caused by the floods, one can contribute to them through various sources and here is a list of available resources to contribute online to the flood relief.

Google Pay: In their official Facebook page, Google Pay India urged to offer to help towards Assam Flood relief.

PayTM: The app and website both have an option to contribute to the flood relief. You can donate money here.

Chief Minister’s Relief Fund: The state government has set up a fund for the havoc wreaked by the floods. Also, this donation is exempted from the tax. You can donate to the fund here.

Milaap: One of the largest crowdfunding websites, Milaap allows to donate money for the relief fund. You can donate here.

GOONJ: Goonj is offering both monetary and non-monetary help to the victims. They also have a list of requirements that one can contribute to. Apart from this they also have a list of the centers where one can drop the material. You can donate here.

Uday Foundation: This foundation has a list of materials that can be donated, along with monetary donations. The donations can be made here.

OXFAM India: Oxfam provides complete transparency as to how and where the money is being spent. All donations can be made here.

Khalsa Aid: Operating globally, Khalsa Aid has been into philanthropy services for a while now. You can donate for Assam here.

Wildlife Trust of India: Not just human beings, but animals as well have been affected by the floods. For their rescue operations, you can donate to Wildlife Trust of India here.

Additionally, you can also order food on Zomato who will, in turn, use the amount to feed the number of people one contribute for.

In addition to these, various organizations of Assamese diaspora in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, etc. have taken initiatives to raise funds which would be contributed to the Assam flood relief.

In Pune, Asomi, an organization of Assamese is raising funds in below details and the funds would be provided for Flood relief

Account Name: Asomi The Cultural Essence

· Bank Name: Bank of Baroda

· Branch: Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

· Account No: 31710200000327

· Account Type: Current

· IFSC Code (for NEFT): BARB0KALPUN (Read as number zero)

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Assam Flood: For the first time World offering helping hand for Flood victims

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