Death of Osama Bin Laden – Real or Virtual


When US President announced the death of the Sultan of Terror Bin Laden in the hands of US troops, the world was shocked for a moment. All kinds of emotions grew and flew from some beating, some cheering and some crying hearts of people across the globe, except for the US president himself who made this announcement. He remained calm and without any expression of joy as he made the biggest and most happy declaration of his tenure as a president, a step that will boost his chance in next year’s elections as well as help him fight back with a straight head, questions about US’s heavy expenditure on wars and military in Arab world, something which has hit their own economy to drastic results.

Starting from the very muddled expression of the US president while declaring the end of the country’s own creation yet biggest enemy, to the way Laden’s body was disposed of in the sea, there are various traits in the whole story of Laden’s claimed end which raises a question on how valid the claim itself is.

Why No Video or press statement by Al Qaeda in Al Jazeera Channel?
Unlike in the past when the US claimed that Osama Bin Laden was killed (either in missile attack or bombing) or spoke anything against him, there is no video footage or declaration by Al Qaeda yet. The reason is simple enough, – for several years Laden had been in a secret place without activity and it is believed that Laden’s reported death will force him to either send a video or speech of the man himself to Al Jazeera’s new channel. This would help the CIA in investigating and trace back the video to Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera is under the exclusive radar of US Intelligence) and thereby trace further the bases and links of Al Qaeda men. Al Qaeda or Laden, if alive, seems to have seen through this game and have not made any comment or press release to media yet, in spite of this big news.

Why no trace of Laden’s body kept?
Unlike Saddam Husain, whose hand was chopped and kept for proofing by US forces, there was absolutely no trace kept off Laden. Further Laden’s body is being reported to be buried in the sea with the lame reason (or excuse) that the US does not want the burial ground to become a future pilgrimage of terrorists or supporters! Even Sri Lankan Government when they reportedly destroyed the LTTE was able to show a body of its supremo Prabhakaran, though there are still debates that claim that Prabhakaran is alive in Canada. With Laden, the US completely failed to provide strong evidence of Laden’s death except for photographs which could be modified by any amateur in Photoshop. The body too is reported to be disposed of in the sea, which rules out any further investigation of the issue.

Why did Laden violate his own rules while hiding in Pakistan?
Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda had its own rules when it comes to hiding in secrecy and follows its own rule book Military Studies in the Jihad against the Tyrants, a 180-page Arabic document later translated to English by investigators after it was seized from a Bin Laden supporter in Manchester, England.
· According to the fourth chapter of this manual Apartments Hiding Places, it is advised to live in newly developed areas where people do not know one another as in older places people know one another and strangers are easily identified. But Laden reported to be traced and killed, lived in a residence of Bilal Town development, two miles from the center of Abbottabad and just an hour’s drive from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.
· Despite the manual suggesting of compulsorily avoiding police stations and government buildings, Laden’s Abbottabad residence was next to a Pakistani military training facility!
·  Hiding places, according to Laden’s rules, were to include secret locations where documents, records, arms, and other important items could be hidden. But when Laden’s residence was raided, US forces found all prospective equipment’s, computers, and etc right out in the open and no secret chambers at all.
·  Last but not the least the manual suggested that of ways of vacating an apartment in case of a surprise attack through secret routes. Laden, Saddam Husain, etc were known to follow this practice widely earlier and it was indeed surprising that a man like Laden’s security precautions did not include any escape routes at all!

Although the question that Laden might still be alive and at large might not be good news for us peace lovers but is indeed an important one. What the US has done here is create a virtual death of Laden, just like they have created the phenomenon of the virtual phone, virtual bank, virtual business, and many other virtual aspects! It has destroyed the Al Qaeda to a great extent as well and there will surely be internal conflicts within the outfit. Even if Laden is alive, he will have trouble in authority with most the first generation leaders already destroyed or jailed.

However, real or virtual, the claim of Osama Bin Laden will indeed help the USA, especially President Barack Obama. This will allow him to shut all his critics who were protesting against the nation’s expenses in the military in the Arab world. It is a golden chance for Obama now to call off the military in a victorious mood without having to go through the shame of calling back the US military without any great success. Now that the US elections are just around the corner and Obama’s popularity was decreasing day by day, the Laden-death story is surely increasing his chances.

The United States of America has erupted in Joy after President Obama declared about Bin Laden getting killed by US troops. It is being claimed that they have now avenged the terrorist attack of 9/11 incident. However, it seems the US has forgotten that it was not just the people of America who were killed in the 9/11 attack. People from several countries, including those from Pakistan, where Laden was finally reported traced, were killed or injured in that terrorist attack. If this indeed is a victory, it is a victory of good from bad, victory of mankind and humanity.

The United States making an impression as if only Americans have the right to celebrate Laden’s end of terror shows the opportunistic propaganda of the US in its big-brotherly and dominating attitude towards other countries. If the terror of Laden has indeed ended, which only time will tell, the time for joy and celebration rests with every peace lover of the world, not the US alone. But let’s be sure if Laden is indeed dead or it’s just a well scripted Hollywood style story once again.

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Death of Osama Bin Laden – Real or Virtual

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