Delhi gang rape victim’s family to challenge decision of 6th accused as minor

The family of the Delhi gang rape victim on Monday termed the Juvenile Justice Board’s decision of ruling the sixth accused in the case as minor as unfortunate and said that they would challenge it in the court.

“The family is not ready to accept that the sixth accused get anything less than death penalty,” the brother said, adding that the minor accused should also get the same punishment of death penalty for which the central government should make necessary changes in the law.

“How can the family accept that the main accused is let off with a mere three year imprisonment,” he asked.

On the decision of the Juvenile Board, the brother said that it is based on his school documents whereas he should have been sent for medical examination.

He expressed apprehension of some kind of fraud in mentioning the date of birth in school documents and alleged that the minor accused was the one who had played the main role in the incident.


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