DONeR Ministry Sanctioned 11.45 Crore For Historic Jamuna Lake

Pranab Gogoi

By- Anup Arandhara | Date- January 12, 2012

The DONeR ministry of govt of India has sanctioned 11.45 crore for excavation and beautification of historic Jamuna lake of Sivasagar town, Pranab Gogoi, speaker of Assam Assembly and local MLA at Sivasagar announced today. The lake was excavated during the Ahom rule along with the historical Sivasagar tank scientifically, for going out excess water to Jamuna and help in protection. Besides the artificial flood water from the Sivasagar town was going out to Dorika river through this lake.

But later the Jamuna becomes shallow and some portion of it encroached by some anti-social elements, as result the artificial flood becomes a major problem for the town. But due to the active rule of the Speaker of Assam Assembly and local MLA, Pranab Gogoi, the DONeR minister Pawan Sing Ghatowar has sanctioned this multi crore scheme for Jamuna.

With this scheme the lake the excavation and free from illegal encroachment of Jamuna will be undertaken. Besides the running of machine boats from ASTC bus station to Shiva dol and decoration of this portion will be undertaken for tourist attraction.

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DONeR Ministry Sanctioned 11.45 Crore For Historic Jamuna Lake

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