Elephant-Human conflicts growing in Sivasagar

Injured Elephant

: Luit Chaliha, Sivasagar, October 21, 2010


A female elephant that is suspected to get bullet injuries on her back right leg is seen stranded at the Panidihing area in Sivasagar district of Assam on October 19, 2010. The human-elephant conflicts have continued to rise alarmingly in the recent days.

A heard of elephants creating terror at the Soroguwa, Demowmukh, Palengi, Panideheng area by destroying paddy crops and their houses. On Sunday night the heard destroyed 6 bighas of paddy crops of the villagers and get way at dawn but villagers saw an injured elephant among them. It may a bullet injury or by a sharp weapon,- a villager said.

The villagers are forced to harvest their half ripen paddy crops as they don’t want to loose any more crops due to the greedy elephant s.

There is a forest bit office at the soroguwa area with 5-6 forest guards but inspite of repeated information about the incident officials not yet visited the area nor taking any steps of treatment to the injured elephant.

According to latest information, the forest officials arrived at the area but failed to trace the injured elephant as the heard being separated into three groups.

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  1. Jayanta Kumar Das  October 24, 2010 at 03:37 AM

    The number of human being has been increasing hundred times faster than wild animals and trees.We take it for granted that the earth is ours only.The lands where we have been living once belonged to them.We just can describe ourselves as the most cruel and selfish among all living beings.We divided the planet with geographical boundaries forbidding animals and birds to roam at their will.Really sad.I condemned the shooting of the female wild elephant and request forest department to treat her immediately and to book the culprit.


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