Five Rebels scuttles Muslim Brotherhood’s DREAM in Egypt


Egypt Revolution 2013By- Dilip Dutta

For most in Assam, knowledge on Egypt is perhaps limited to the Pyramids of Misr.

This ancient land of the Nile Valley civilization, a fascinating place yet to reveal the real meaning of the Sphinx and the purpose of the Pyramids, has of late proven the power of collective awakening and logic to free themselves from oppression by the Junta first and then the religious zealots who wearing the lamb skin were bent upon turning the clock back to 7th century Islamic conquest like the proverbial wolf, using the magic word Democracy in their favour, hoodwinking their own people and the world at large; because at heart they knew all along that Islam does not recognize the concept of democracy and it is a totally authoritarian political phenomenon in the guise of religion similar to hard core communism.

The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt after almost a century in the wilderness got the chance to take power agreeing to play the game of democratic values after the people power defeated the military’s power grab since the demise of President Naser, using the classical Taqiyya of Islam. Within a year of becoming the ruler of Egypt, it started using the Sharia as the guiding principle believing that apart from the miniscule non-Muslim population the Muslim majority citizenry will follow their Sharia diktats as religious prescription including Necrophilia (Having sex with a dead person) and one fifth of the Zakat to the coffers of the Brotherhood as it is Sunnah, to name a few, placing these in the Statue of the re-written Constitution of the country. These power grabbers also progressively made changes to the Constitution to keep them in the seat of power firmly to push their Islamic agenda to the hilt. BUT THIS PUSH WAS PERHAPS CAN BE SEEN AS Digging their own graves.

The fallacy of Islam being exposed day by day, the darkness gradually vanishing as the rays of light of knowledge falling upon it, even the Oxford of Islam The Al Azhar University of Egypt going into defensive, the youths of Egypt seems to have been shown a new horizon. Oh yes, there are still many who believe in Islam totally and accept that the only purpose of life in this world is to fulfil the aims of the Deen and NOTHING ELSE. But as the last Forty Eight hours the game changer situation in Egypt is unfolding, what has come to light has reminded me of the 1979 to 1985 long Assam movement (wrongly attributed as agitation). I was privy to a letter written by Bhrigu Phukon written from Madras to a friend of mine which carried the message of the revolution started by a handful of students. I sincerely hope that Egyptian youth leadership do not end up signing a worthless piece of paper like the Assam Accord of 1985.

A five Egyptian youths had a flash of inspiration and in a hurriedly created an organization called Tamarod (Rebel) on 28 April 2013 on the backbone of the pr-existing Kefaya movement. They created and circulated the following document:

I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I am of sound mind and with my full will, as a member of the Public Assembly of the Egyptian people, the destitution of Dr. Mohamed Morsi Isa Ayat, and call for early presidential elections, and I promise to uphold the goals of the revolution and work to achieve them and propagating the Rebel Campaign for masses so that together we can achieve a society of dignity, justice and freedom
National ID


Contrary to Insah Allah belief of the Muslim Brotherhood and their divine rights to power the call by Tamrod was treated as a joke by the Brotherhood went viral and in matter of days 22million has signed up in a country of 50 million!

At the call of Tamarod organizers, similar to our Aah oi olai aah by the Assam Youth in the 80s, within hours The Tahrir Square in Cairo and other cities of the country became a Sea of People on 30 June.

The Muslim Brotherhood with their firm belief of invincibility of Islam, counter called the Tamarod creating a counter-campaign organization The Tagrod(impartial) group . Their supporters indeed came out in droves, but, not the expected other 28 millions! May be the wisdom of the ancient civilization of Misr has been aroused this time to gave them courage to defy the psychological bondage to Islam.

The result is all to see. The reason has won over even the powerful military forces who also have managed to rise above Islam (This is not theologically permissible), and supported the Tamarod which has lead to the first success of the organization in less than 100 hours!


I suspect the diehard Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters are not going to go down without a fight. They are likely to push for a Jihad.
I hope that the turmoil that can be ahead of Egypt will end up all well and ancient values and glory of Misr will prevail again.

My question as an Assamese, are the Assamese youths today capable of bringing such a revolution in Assam?

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Five Rebels scuttles Muslim Brotherhood’s DREAM in Egypt

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 23 min