Uttarakhand Government is culpable


Uttarakhand floodBy- Kiron Kakoty

Minister Arya on record, “Sarkar ke jamidari and imandari se kiya jayega” This is what he said on camera regarding the natural calamity and the aftershock what is unfolding.

There is no word to console the bereaved ones who lost their loved ones in this disaster NDTV coined it as The Himalayan Tsunami. The Uttarakhand Politicians occupying the powerful chairs are trying their best to pull a fast one by blaming the nature.

It was very clear from the moment that the poodle Manmohan Singh and his mistress Sonia Gandhi surveyed from the air that the disaster was extremely serious rather that loss of few hundred lives.

Despite the tell tale devastations where river beds have shifted great distances, in one place as much as 100 metres washing away guest houses with their sleeping occupants; what a sheer stupidity, of the several ministries, especially the Chief Minister himself lying through his teeth on the scale of the lives lost. After the Speaker of the House admitting over TEN THOUSAND lives lost, the clown Chief Minister insisting on the dead in hundreds reveals the insensitivity and callous attitude of these Lawmakers who lacks humane sensitivities. These semi-literate buffoons have the mostly corrupt establishment under their thumb and similarly endowed Police force to do their bidding in silencing dissent in as many ways you can think of. This is of course is the reality of India’s so-called democracy.

I was tickled to somewhat thrill, the Meteorological Director Arvind Sarmah today not stopping pulling any punch in revealing the ADVANCED severe weather report he delivered and his department’s advisory to postpone the Yatra(Pilgrimage) for FOUR days.

On the basis of this warning and alert Police Officer the SP in charge of Kedarnath promptly shifted the pilgrims and inhabitants to safer ground near the Temple and consequently saving EIGHT THOUSAND lives.

Despite the obvious criminal negligence business will be as usual for these politicians, because this is India and her democracy is geared up to recreate fiefdoms in par with Maharajas of yore. Am I too far out of reality?

For an answer shall I pose a question here: Don’t you treat this politicians as your Mai Baap when it comes to getting your personal interest served?

This time can you rise over your personal interests and make these BeiMaans pay for their criminal negligence.

NO, I DO NOT MEAN GETTING MATERIAL COMPENSATION. What an abhorrent practice. A gift of Democracy!

Greatest democracy, only fools or crafty devils would salute you. I decry you vehemently.

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Uttarakhand Government is culpable

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