Indian Army personnel threatens to kill Chief Justice of India – Video viral on Facebook

In a shocking incident, a person claiming himself an Indian Army personnel abused Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and threatened other justices of the Supreme Court.

The army personnel, in the video, claimed that his name is Kartik and he belongs to the Indian army.

In the video, the army personnel repeatedly uttered notorious words to abuse the CJI. The army personnel, Kartik, steps ahead and threatens to kill the CJI if the Supreme Court doesn’t decide the “Ram Mandir, Babri Masjid” issue in favor of Hindu people.

The offending video has gone viral on social networking site Facebook and created outrage demanding immediate arrest of the army personnel.

To help in a proper investigation of this issue, Times of Assam, on getting the information about the video, saved the link to the viral video on the web archive.

Investigation agencies can find the link of the video here:

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