Indian Army shall learn to respect their Martyrs – NSCN(K) on September 27 encounter

NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP ISAK SUMI with some cadres

Denying Indian Army’s claim over gunfight in the Langkhu area of Myanmar, NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP Mr. Isak Sumi said that Indian Army shall learn to respect their fellow those who took martyrdom yesterday on September 27, 2017.

Talking to Times of Assam, Mr. Sumi also nullified claim of Indian Army authority and news of National Media. He said while army authority claimed the incident took place at morning 4:45 AM, the real time was about 03:00 AM wee morning.

“Our elite team was on duty at that time and they fired from close proximity with heavy barrage and with automatic weapons, grenades, and lathodes (40mm) launcher.  Many Indian soldiers (almost all of them) in the advance section were mowed down or injured but the others behind also managed to retaliate and retreated with fallen and injured comrades owing to natural defensive rocky outcroppings and thick foliage coverings in the area. Our Army gave a relentless chase and repulsed the intruders resulting in sporadic encounters and firing till 10-11 AM until the retreating Indian soldiers were heavily beaten and pushed back beyond the border. The injured were heard squealing and the dead were being dragged away like sacks due to persistent Naga Army on the heels all the while. ” – Mr. Sumi also said.

Mr. Isak Sumi also stated that denying the death of army personnel by their authority is the clear example of dishonoring their martyrs.

When asked about any visual as proof of the claim, the NSCN(K) spokesperson said, “It’s war, not any marriage ceremony with some cameras. If the Eastern Command of the Indian Army can’t hear their injured solider’s pain then we have nothing to say more. Our part acknowledging the death is the least we do to honor the martyrdom which Indian Army doesn’t. If they do then they will have to answer for illegally entering a foreign country.”

The NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP also said that history is evident that none was able to evade Naga’s security system. Hence, in future too, no enemy can evade Naga’s security to create any damage to the Naga Army.

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