Justice to Nirbhaya – True culprits remain unfazed


Delhi Gang Rape issueBy- Priyankan Goswami

The final hearing of the infamous Delhi rape case is out. The four culprits are sentenced to death and the nation is elated. Justice is finally delivered– this is the cry in all News channels. There are also who are now focusing on whether death penalty was right or wrong. Let them continue.

But the facts on the streets of India still remain grim and alarming. Take just the example of Delhi where, even after mass protests and anger incited by this shameful act, there have been 1,121 rape cases reported during the last eight months. This is more than double than last year’s figure of 468 in the same period! Truth remains that there has been neither any improvement the country’s mentality, nor in law and order.

We all remember very well the days when politicians of Delhi, including Sheila Dixit gave moral lessons about “wearing decently” when rapes of girls from North East India were being reported. None of those hypocrites (also called Leaders) stood up to bring a change in the society. When the Nirbhaya incident happened, they had no face. They could no longer blame the miniskirts.

There are also thousands of reported rape cases committed by personnel of Armed Forces in North East India, under the banner of militancy control. None of the national leaders or the society cared about them. There are still hundreds of Manorama Devi (Manipur) and Bhanimai Dutta (Assam) waiting for justice, for they had no media to support, no commoner to write about them in Facebook. No one cared. Even today, how many of us care about ensuring justice to 1,121 rape victims of Delhi? Or Ms. Dixit would comment that they all too had to pay the price of wearing shorts?

The root of all these issues remains within us, – this society as debated earlier in the articles “Delhi Gang Rape Victim’s Death – Our part in the Crime” and “Gang Rape – Weapon of India is now against itself“.

At one end, the urban lifestyle has started to accept Woman as equal to man, it has started to accept women working at Night, women wearing western clothes at their will, and it has started to accept even women partying at Pubs. On the other hand, the true India which forms the vast majority still has a problem with women empowerment. For the rural and small town India, women are still an object to create children, cook, wash and serve all needs of the men. Women are threatened of throwing acid for wearing Jeans (!), there are hundreds of videos and documentaries which shows women being slapped in public places by agitating men, who preaches morale lessons about “women should not go out with a man before marriage”. There are Nationalist, both regional and religion based, organisations who threatens girls not to wear jeans, who threatens women not to go to parks, who beats up and pulls down dresses of women who goes to have some good time in a pub, well the list is endless. There are also the Godmen who claims and suggests that rapes could be avoided if the girl chanted mantras!! Worse, – all these demonic groups and demons are encouraged by their political bosses and enjoy high degree of immunity. Worst, – they have mass following of millions of our own people.

If you think, today has brought justice to the 23 old brave girl, you are wrong. Justice will only be delivered when Indian societies rises up to accept and respect women in the true sense, when we stop hearing Fatwas and Threatens in the name of morale policing and most importantly when we get a legal system which can deliver justice within few days instead of decades and years. Not every victim like Nirbhaya gets a legal verdict within 3 seasons after all.

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Justice to Nirbhaya – True culprits remain unfazed

By: Priyankan Goswami Read time: 11 min