Makhan Bhuyan passes away


By- Anup Arandhara | Date- January 14, 2012

The devoted cultural activist, freedom fighter, educationist, social worker and in-born artist Makahan Bhuyan of Kalugaon-Shaloguri, Sivasagar bid farewell to the world at an age of 91.  After the demise of Bhuyan the intellectual group become overwhelmed with grief.

He was an active worker of Babor Sena of Seujkonwer Paragdhar Chaliha during freedom struggle. He was the founder of Sewojia Samaj music school of Sivasagar town. He was felicitated by Sivasagar Press Club for this life long contribution to the society on last 19 August, 2011.

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Makhan Bhuyan passes away

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 1 min