Mamata joins Modi to oppose National Textbook Council – Assam Govt silent


By- Staff Reporter | Date– January 27, 2012

Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress, a key ally of the Congress in the UPA, has now joined hands with states headed by BJP and others who oppose the Human Resources Development Ministry’s proposal to set up a National Textbook Council.

With the gap between Mamata and Congress increasing, Mamata now being projected as a new example of regionalism clad leadership has joined the wagons of Narendra Modi and the likes.

Modi in Gujarat has already opposed the National Textbook Council stating that any national body created to keep a watch on textbooks is likely to be led by value judgments of a few people and that such a body should always be the right of state governments.

It is to be mentioned that apart from the TMC and the BJP, the BSP, JD (U), AIADMK and BJD has opposed it so far.

The creation of such a body was first recommended by a Central Advisory Board of Education committee. The panel was tasked to study textbooks in government schools not using the CBSE syllabus and to suggest a mechanism to monitor curricula content.

Blind eye of Assam Government and Education Minister:

The move of National Textbook Council is to create a single body that would monitor the content of school textbooks. The states with strong regionalism voices have already stood against the idea, voicing concerns that it might hamper the local interests by de-flavoring the regional colors, history and economy.

However the Assam Government and its coveted Education Minister is yet silent on the issue. At one end when there is high demand of making state history making compulsory in the state, the idea of a National Textbook Council governed by few individuals is not even hitting any discussion forums. However with a Congress led State Government in power who could not even object to hand over land of Assam to Bangladesh, it is highly unlikely that there were will be any objection from Tarun Gogoi and Co.

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Mamata joins Modi to oppose National Textbook Council – Assam Govt silent

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