Meghalaya DGP stands against “Negotiation” with Militants


Director General of Police of Meghalaya, Dr S B Singh (IPS) has denied any probability of negotiation with militant outfits of the state, and said that the counter-insurgency operation will be continued.

Dr Singh also said that militant outfit GNLA is cornered by counter-insurgency operation and the outfit is now little away from their end of their insurgency activities.

Addressing to media, Dr S B Singh also clarified presence of ULF[I] Deputy Commander Drishti Rajkhowa is spotted in Bangladesh, not in Meghalaya jungles as before. Singh said, “though ULFA[I] Deputy Commander Drishti Rajkhowa used jungles of Meghalaya as a safe haven for more than the decade, but it is no safer place for him. He has already fled to Bangladesh.”

The Meghalaya Police Chief also added that Drishti Rajkhowa is assisting GNLA in procuring arms, and providing guerrilla training with the assembling of bombs.

DG Dr S B Singh earlier served as Special DG(Law & Order) of Meghalaya before he was promoted as DG.

– with input from PTI

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Meghalaya DGP stands against “Negotiation” with Militants

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