Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma vocal in support of Assam land to Bangladesh

By- Correspondent| Date- September 15, 2011

Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma, who is charge of the completion of the Assam Accord 1985, came strongly vocal in support of the Indo-Bangla land swap deal.

Stating that this has actually led Assam to gain much more land than what it has conceded, the minister accused the Opposition parties and local media of indulging in a misleading propaganda on land-swap deal. Mr. Sharma also claimed that with this agreement, Assam would be able to seal the unfenced portion of the border and Assam actually benefitted by 1,240 acres of land while Bangladesh got only 357 acres of Assam land through the land swap.

Mr. Sharma even claimed that the issue of infiltration was discussed with Bangladesh and stated that the government would facilitate an all-party delegation, including media persons to visit the border areas so as to ensure that everyone concerned can make a correct assessment of land-swap deal.

During the press conference, Minister Mr. Sharma accused the KMSS led by Akhil Gogoi to be agitating just for agitation’s sake and refused to talk with them. He however maintained to have discussion with the All Assam Students Union regarding the matter.

Mentionable that KMSS, AJYCP as well as AASU had been leading strong rallies across the state protesting the land swap and construction of the mega dams at lower Subansiri.

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