New songs and poem of ULFA in YouTube in attempt of reviving glory

The outlawed ULFA headed by Paresh Baruah who is still opposed to the lateral talks initiated by the pro-talk faction of the outfit led by Arabinda Rajkhowa is now on the run to drum up its long lost glory. The outfit is now going back to its early days of eighties and nineties when it inspired thousands of youth to join the fight for Independence through cultural ways such as songs and poems.

In the early days of ULFA poems such as Tezor Pataka and songs such as Aai Mok Xojai De Ronoloi (Mother,dress me up for the battle) with ample emotional and patriotic quotient was able to drive and inspire almost each and every youth in the state to take up arms for Assamese Freedom. With the main man behind those drive, Rajen Sharma alias Uddipta Hazarika being killed in early nineties, the Publicity Wing of the outfit slowly lost its track and was almost unheard of, in the last decade.


With Paresh Baruah now leading a team of few hundred carefully recruited young cadres, the outfit is back to its days of eighties and early nineties. Atleast with the three videos sent to Times of Assam yesterday, the outfit is clearly making an attempt to revive its golden days. There were two songs namely Notun jugor hopun – aai tur forkal akakhkhon (Dreams of a New Age – Mother your clear skies) and Notun jugor hopun-huirjyudoyor dhwoni (Dreams of a New Age – Drums of sunrise) include excellent emotional content about loving Motherland and an appeal to die for the sake of Mother Asom. The third one was a recital Notun jugorhopun-mohakhoyoloi eti anurudh and it (A Request to Chairman) was an appeal to the Chairman of the outfit’s pro-talk faction who is currently engaged in Lateral talks with the Government of India. The recital, with vivid lyrics strongly reasoned why Rajkhowa should not get into a treaty with the Government of India.

All three (both songs and poem) were professionally handlled, very much strong in lyrics and the poetic tune was very much inspired by the ones by Uddipta Hazarika of the eighties. These videos, available in youtube, are expected to be huge underground music hits in the state and also inspire youth to join the ULFA once again, just the generation of yesteryears.

It is to be mentioned that the Lyricist of song and the poem are reported to be writer and school teacher Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar of Tinsuika district who had joined the outfit few months ago. She is reported to be working under the alias of one Rashmita, sources revealed to Times of Assam.

Clips sent to Times of Assam by ULFA:

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