NSCN targets Nagaland Governor R N Ravi over recent comments

In a response to Nagaland Governor Mr. R N Ravi for his recent criticism of Naga militant outfits comparing them to Criminal Gangs in the other Indian States, the NSCN has come out in the offensive. Mr. Ravi comparing Indian gangs to Naga nationalists only shows his ignorance, as befitting the view from the perspective of a former IPS officer, – stated the Press release sent to Times of Assam by Nikato Pilot Sumi, the Military spokesperson of NSCN/GPRN.

The Military spokesperson of NSCN/GPRN, claiming to be the “Burmese occupied Eastern Nagaland” faction, Nikato Pilot Sumi, sarcastically congratulated Mr. Ravi on his “short term myopic achievements” and appealed to him not to believe that he can single-handedly solve the vexed Naga political issue where 13 former prime ministers of India have failed in the last seven decades.

Sumi stated that in the last two centuries, the Naga Revolutionary movement for sovereign political rights and identity has been in continuous existence and reminded that even the British, during their peak, had kept Nagas outside the ambit of their constitution as excluded areas. The NSCN urged R N Ravi to respect Naga institutions and customs while he was in Naga areas.

The NSCN also took a dig at other Naga Politicians, Bureaucrats, NGO leaders and security forces to make up their minds whether they are Nagas or Indians, and not to be confused.

The Centre has been engaged in talks with the Naga Militant outfit since 1997 and a framework agreement was signed with NSCN-IM (the largest of the outfits) in August 2015 to pave way for a final agreement. The Naga insurgency began in the 1950s with sovereignty as a key demand. But over the years, the rebel outfits have shown signs of giving up on that demand seeking shared sovereignty, more autonomy, and integration of Naga inhabited areas. RN Ravi, the current governor of Nagaland is also the interlocutor for the lateral talks between the government of India and the Naga militant outfits.

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