Paresh Baruah arrested – Another Hoax

Paresh Baruah
Paresh Baruah recent photo

By- Staff Reporter | Date- December 3, 2011

The elusive Commander-in-Chief of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) Paresh Baruah was reported to be arrested by Myanmarese Army today, according to several media based on unconfirmed reports. In addition, it is also being reported that Paresh Baruah is under medical treatment.

From sources, Times of Assam have been able to learn that Paresh Baruah is actually not arrested yet and that the news of his arrest is once again, a rumor.

As per sources, it is one Babul Gogoi, ULFA member of Paresh Baruah led hardliner faction who was arrested in Arunchal Pradesh three days ago. Babul Gogoi, who hails from Dibrugarh district of Assam, was sent to Assam by Paresh Baruah from the ULFA camps based in Myanmar. The Security forces has been interogatting Gogoi  and trying to trace back the way to to get to ULFA’s camps and to threby catch the leadership of the outfit, including the C-in-C.

It is to be mentioned that there has been inumerable reports in the past about the ULFA supremo being arrested or shot by Security forces, but all has been proved only to be rumours or hoax.

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Paresh Baruah arrested – Another Hoax

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