Paresh Baruah vouch for FREEDOM again


ULFA Press Release by Paresh Baruah

By– Staff Reporter

Time and again, the Chairman of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) Arabinda Rajkhowa has claimed that there is no difference in opinion between him and Paresh Baruah, the Commander-in-Chief of the hardliner faction of the outfit. Rajkhowa, who is currently engaged in lateral talks with the Government of India along with other leaders, even stated numerous times that Paresh Baruah is not against the talks, while Baruah himself was found to be maintaining his strong stand against any talk with the Government if it does not involve the agenda of Sovereignty of Assam. Conflicting statements and reports in media also has made it difficult to understand the real scenario.

To confirm on the issue, Paresh Baruah himself sent out a press release today re-iterating that the outfit is strongly opposed to any talks without discussing about Independence of Assam and vowed to maintain this stand till his last breath. Criticizing his once longtime companion Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa for talking to the Government compromising on the actual demand of the outfit after he was released on bail from prison, Baruah stated that the Indian diplomacy is not that weak that they would allow an insurgent leader released in bail to talk about Sovereignty with them. Baruah maintained that any of the pro-talk leaders and cadres does not have the right to talk without returning back to the movement of the outfit.

Baruah also gave examples of previous talks and treaties between other groups of North East and Government of India which had turned futile such as the situation in Nagaland where talks with NSCN (IM) for 14 years has not yielded any results. Baruah also questioned as to why the common people are not being told about what is being discussed inside closed rooms with the Government of India and gave example of ex-chief Minister Prafulla Mahanta who never made the discussions with Government of India he had before signing the Assam accord.

Mentionable that Arabinda Rajkhowa had recently mentioned that ULFA had no demand on their own and they only upheld the people’s voice. Paresh Baruah’s email and current stand, however makes it clear that the hardliners would continue with their armed struggle to chase the dream of a Swadhin Asom without any compromise. It is also evident now about the clear difference in opinion and rift between the two factions of the outfit.

It is to be mentioned that this is after a long time that Paresh Baruah was seen sending a press release to the media. In the recent days, it was his Publicity Commander Arunodoy Dohotiya who was sending communications to the media.

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Paresh Baruah vouch for FREEDOM again

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