ULFA Hardliner group alerts for ATTACK

ULFA Press Release by Arunodoy Dohotiya

By- Staff Reporter | Date- November 01, 2011

The ULFA hardliner group led by Paresh Baruah have indicated for more armed attack in near future. In a press release signed and sent by ULFA Publicity Wing’s Commander Lt Arunodoy Dohotiya, the organization has alerted the people of Assam to stay away from Defence Personal, Politicians, outsourced Companies, Corrupt people and Black marketers. Indicating for more critical future, the hardliner group also alerted common people to stay away from the mentioned target’s house and vehicles. ‘We don’t want to harm common people. We hope there will be no unexpected incidents in the future, if the common people response to our alert’,- the hardliner group also said.

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ULFA Hardliner group alerts for ATTACK

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 1 min