Pro-Talk ULFA activity behind recent killings in Assam


As reported earlier in Times of Assam on October 4, Pro-talk ULFA member suspected in Nalbari businessman murder, it was already been suspected that members of the pro-talk faction of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) are involved in recent crimes including extortion and murder of businessmen for money. This came to light after the murder of businessman Anil Jain of Nalbari.

Regarding the Anil Jain murder, the police have already nabbed one person, who is the son of former ULFA leader Upen Deka(killed in 1997 by ULFA itself). Sources confirmed Times of Assam that he was used by dreaded Commander Heera Saraniya of 709 Battalion of the Pro-talk ULFA for extortion and was involved in the murder. However, the issue is being kept a secret without any hue and cry, so as not to disturb the on-going lateral peace talks between the outfit and the Union Government of India.

Two days back, in a major breakthrough regarding the recent attacks and murder of businessmen in Guwahati, the police were able to arrest one Chandan Kalita. Kalita was involved in extortion and believed to be the murderer of businessman Sanjoy Basak, killed on October 10th at Fatasil Ambari, Guwahati. Kalita is also a hardcore cadre of ULFA, trained in Bangladesh under Commander of Bomb Squad of the outfit, Captain Antu Chawdang and was arrested earlier in 2010.

The state police did not mention any direct linkages of the recent businessmen murders in Guwahati and other parts of the state. In addition, the pro-talk faction of ULFA was quick to send out a clarification press release stating that although Chandan Kalita was a ULFA cadre earlier, the outfit is not related to the crimes and murders carried out. As per sources, the central committee of the pro-talk ULFA had called in for an urgent meeting yesterday, 20th October to discuss the situation after Chandan Kalita’s arrest and allegations pointing towards the outfit.

However, from the incidents, the suspicion on the involvement of the members of the pro-talk faction only gets more. In order to save their name from direct accuses and cases, it is believed that the cadres of the outfit might be using hired criminals and other thugs to carry out extortion and other ‘fund-raising’ crimes. Even if these ‘third party’ criminals are arrested, no direct links could be established with the outfit, which serves the two-tier purpose of raising money as well as not letting their own name stained.

It is to be mentioned that people are already seen raising concerns that most pro-talk ULFA cadres, now living in temporary camps, houses and their own residences, are finding it hard to adjust their living with the money given to them by the Central Govt. As such some cadres are carrying out extortion and other such crimes under the nose of the administration. There were also complains that some ULFA cadres have even reported false theft of their or some sympathizer’s vehicles so that they can get good money from the insurance companies.

If the pro-talk ULFA, who is claiming to be trying to bring peace and solution to the land, is involved in such crimes, then there would not be long when the people of the state will lose their complete faith forever in the outfit. Unfortunately, the state administration has not been able to do anything to control the menace.

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Pro-Talk ULFA activity behind recent killings in Assam

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 9 min