State Bank of India – How long with increasing customer complaints

State Bank of India


The services provided by the most trusted bank in India since ages, the State Bank of India has been getting worse day by day, as evident by the huge number of consumer complaints registered against SBI’s poor service. The typical complaints against State bank of India are found to range from its pathetic ATM services to huge goof ups in its mutual fund services.


There are numerous examples of a SBI ATM not functioning, fund not able to be withdrawn from ATM due to technical error but balance getting debited from consumer’s accounts (which again takes a long period to get credited again post consumer logs complaint), extreme delays in receiving ATM cards, delays in getting addresses or other credentials updated, etc. On the SBI mutual funds side, wrong data entry about customer’s crucial personal details seems a regular and widespread matter which proves there is little quality control on the operations back offices.

Delay or non receipt of customer ID, extreme delays in redemption of SBI Mutual Fund amounts are a common problem as well, as reported by customers of SBI mutual fund. Worse still, SBI has a name of providing one of the most poor customer service in the banking sector of the country. Leave alone an environment of Customer is special experience, most of the SBI staff across the country lacks even the basics of customer orientation. Most of the times, the customer has to feel as if the SBI officials are doing him or her a favor, during visits to the local branches for some assistance or banking purposes.

Another important aspect that requires control is the issue of counterfeit or false currency notes which comes out of SBI ATMs, as reported in various reports and complaints. Although SBI is not the only bank which has seen this issue, the various number of such reported incidents have confirmed that maximum number of false currency notes, especially that of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 are found from withdrawals in SBI ATMs. On such cases, the poor consumer who gets false currency notes has to terribly suffer as there is little chance he would know then and there that it is a false note and only realize later that the notes were fake. This has caused innumerable and serious problems for the SBI customers, especially the rural and poor ones. It is time the authorities gave a serious note to this issue before the entire nation is swiped away with false currency notes, killing economic growth.

All said and done, the SBI officials too can not be left alone without a serious question on their credibility and honesty. There are thousands of SBI bank managers in the country whose lifestyle is found to be more lavish than what they earn from their service. For example, the daughter of a SBI bank manger of Silchar in Assam, residing in Guwahati (name withheld) is studying in Perth (Australia) which costs more than three thousand dollars a month. Obviously, the manager whose only source of income is his service salary can never pay this amount without some extra earnings. Needless to say, such extra earnings are only a result of  corrupted wealth. The attitude of SBI officials have always been like that of senior government officials, – absolute lack of customer-relation skills mostly because the bank enjoys having accounts of the State Governments. One can imagine what would happen to the bank if the governments decides to shift their accounts to some other bank in future.

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  1. Vinod Rawat  March 22, 2011 at 01:38 PM

    Sir good afternoon. Sir my accont no- 30345531538. name- vinod rawat.

    My atm card hold in atm machine hdfc gugaon. I am complaint in HDFC GURGAON. He replied me, my atm will be send maximum 4 days. With issues in branch, Card hold in 15 march 2011, Sir pls inform me how can I get my ATM card.

    Thanks with Regards
    Vinod Rawat.
    9991754424, 0124- 3072770, 771

  2. Ramesh  March 22, 2011 at 07:17 PM

    I did not get cheque book.
    My SB A/c No.10494630831. Mob.09913492411

  3. SUSHMA D G  September 21, 2011 at 08:57 PM

    I am requesting for my address change in pass book in jalahalli branch.
    Bank executive asked rental agrement of my new residence ok that for address proof I provided rental agreement she is not agreed with the rental agreement second time she asked with notary sealed rental agreement she is not agreed with that also third time she asked my education certificates she not agreed with my certificates also and she acted like a Indian prime minister otherwise she asked what are the documents required for the address change at the first time itself.
    She is not giving respect atleast she as behave like human being she told i am calling for security,she acts like state bank of india is own property or it is public sector please take necessary action as per the SBI rules. I am requesting you sir.

  4. vinod  June 07, 2012 at 02:29 PM

    Dear Sir,
    I hv a sb account with sbi ambedkar nagar sector -5 new delhi (Acc No 30904852184)i want to change my adress as well as mobile no in my account and also submetted doc but surprising that still bank could not change it, i called many times in bank bt nobody responce me they told me they not recived my doc.
    my complaint no is cc-1339051510966
    Already complaint made to branch they always says that we don’t know
    about it,so what should i do?Kindly do the needful and revert ASAP.

    Vinod Rana

  5. Rajesh Tamang  January 09, 2014 at 01:40 PM

    I had seen many branch of SBI trying to skip the job, Im having multicity cheque but the cashier is saying i can accept home branch only. What is the meaning of multicity cheques then ? if i ask for updating passbook they will reply its not working and till now it is under repair from more than 4 months.
    Working staffs act like they are doing favour on us. If i call for customer service or write a mail they need atm number, account number, that means people who dont have ATM’s or lost their cant talk to customer service or write a mail.
    Poor SBI, people should withdraw their accounts from SBI.

  6. Khalid  December 30, 2014 at 06:40 PM

    I went to SBI, Qadian branch with my 80 years old grandfather(poor old man holding an SB a/c there). We had to make NEFT transfer from his account. He cannot walk easily and his hands were shivering coz of old age. I was surprised by the way the bank clerk was behaving, who dont look at our face while speaking and who just say “if ur sign is not matching we won’t transfer ‘Jaa oo’ (just go)”. Is that the way he speaks to his elders at home?? My grandfather already had a tough time moving from one table to the other. I was witnessing same stuffs from other clerks with other old age customers as well. These people donot know how to speak to an 80 years old man. To make things worst SBI allow net banking only to customers upto 65 years of age. They say its a big risk. What nonsense is this. I dont understand what risk they forcast that other banks dont. We had toreturn without our work done. We are going to close this account and find another bank with cultured staffs and minimume facilties. Thank God I dont hald any account in SBI and make sure none of my loved ones do.



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