Terrorists investing in Indian stock market

Funding Evil ?

A few days ago, there were reports on ULFA Supremo Paresh Baruah investing millions of reports in Bangladesh. Though the outfit was quick to thrash such claims and even Bangladesh intelligence sources ridiculed those reports, it did put some question marks and an uncomfortable situation for Bangladesh.

Now it’s the turn for Indian Government to be ashamed, if reports that many Bangladeshi terrorists have investments in India are found to be true.

According to Bangladeshi intelligence sources more than 74 notorious terrorist kingpins from Bangladesh are now hiding in various places in India, where they already have invested a few million dollars in various businesses and stock markets.

Bangladesh Police sources confirms that notorious criminals and godfather of terror outfits named Ferdous aka Kala Jahangir, Jabbar Munna aka Manik, Prokash Kumar Bishwas, Mollah Masud, Shamim Ahmed aka Aga Shamim, Trimoti Subroto Bain aka Fateh Ali, Omar Faruk aka Kochi, Khandaker Tanvirul Islam Joy, Rafiqul Islam Kajol, Haris Ahmed Haris, Khorshed Alam and Kamrul Hassan aka Hannan are allegedly operating their illegal activities from India. Interpol had already issued RED Warrant against most of these absconding terror kingpins.

Bangladeshi intelligence sources said more than 74 notorious criminals and terror kingpins are now hiding in various parts of India, especially West Bengal. It said, according to various sources within India, absconding terrorist Mollah Masud has purchased a house at Bonogram area with Indian Rupees 37 million. Additionally, he has invested Indian Rupees 5 million in a private money-lending company at Kolkata’s Boro Bazar area.

Absconding Bangladeshi terrorist Prokash Kumar Bishwas, who also is hiding in India for more than two decades have reportedly invested Indian Rupees 64 million in shares of companies registered with Calcutta Stock Exchange. It may be mentioned here that, Prokash Kumar Bishwas is the younger brother of Bikash Kumar Bishwas, another notorious terror kingpin, who is serving in Bangladeshi prison since 1996. The shares were purchased through several CSE members including Bhagawan Das Newar & Co, Dalmia Securities Ltd, Bimal & Co and Gopiram & Sons. Prior to purchasing shares, Prakash Kumar Bishwas reportedly sold a few acres of land at Dhaka’s Mirpur (Paikpara) area. Another Bangladeshi absconding terrorist named Kamrul Hassan aka Hannan has reportedly bought an apartment at Kolkata’s Salt lake area in 2008 with Indian Rupees 14 million. He also holds shares of a number of Public Limited Companies listed with Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Absconding terrorist Rafiqul Islam Kajol reportedly owns shares of a number of companies listed with Bombay Stock Exchange. He, along with a number of fellow terrorist kingpins have invested Indian Rupees has bought the shares using names of Indian nationals. It is learnt that, Rafiqul Islam Kajol and his associates purchased shares of Apollo Tyres, Asian Paints, Bharti Airtel, Colgate Palmolive, Dabur India, Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Maruti-Suzuki, Oriental Bank, Reliance Power and Siemens etc. The total amount of investment made by this terror syndicate in purchasing shares of companies listed with Bombay Stock Exchange is believed to be a few million Indian Rupees. Most of the amounts of investment were transferred to India using the name of an expatriate Indian named Mishra, who lives in Hong Kong for years.

Terror kingpin Mollah Masud has invested money in buying large volume of agricultural and horticultural lands in West Bengal. He reportedly bought such properties in the name of his wife (who is an Indian national) as well as his in-laws.

Another absconding Bangladeshi terrorist named Haris Ahmed Haris has reportedly made investment in a number of businesses in Nepal through Rubel Chowdhury, who is a family friend of Haris. It is learnt that, some other absconding Bangladeshi terrorists also have put fund with Haris in investing the in profitable VOIP business run by Rubel, who is an influential businessman in Nepal and is the son-in-law of Sujata Koirala, who is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal. Rubel, who went to Nepal with tourist visa, stayed there for years and built a sizeable business empire using the influence of being the son-in-law of Ms. Koirala. He also is helping absconding Bangladeshi terrorists in obtaining Nepalese visa, which already was under eyes of country’s Home Ministry.

A source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “Chowdhury could be involved in obtaining illegal Nepali passports for Bangladeshi nationals, some of whom have landed in police net.”

Rubel Chowdhury has violated the provisions of Nepalese tourist visa by engaging in commercial activities, an official at the Immigration Department said. It said, “Rubel has also clearly misused the United Nations logo in his Bangladesh-based NGO’s website.”

He also claims to be the member of British Royal Old Pangbournian Society.

Chowdhury has identified himself as Dr Rubel Chowdhury, Senior Vice-Chairman of the Bangladesh-based World Peace and Economic Development Organisation (WPEDO) and his mother-in-law as – Dr. Sujata Koirala, Executive Vice-President of WPEDO. Bangladeshi NGO affairs bureau and Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed the non-existence of any such organization in the country, headed by a foreign national like Sujata Koirala.

Nepalese Police sources claim Chowdhury was the one who made one Nepali Sambhu Bharati a front man to supply logistics and Armed Personnel Carriers to Nepal Police deployed for Sudan-based UNAMID, and misappropriated millions belonging to the Nepal Police Welfare Fund when late Girija Prasad Koirala was the Prime Minister. Government Spokesperson Shankar Pokharel declined to comment on Chowdhury’s case.

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Terrorists investing in Indian stock market

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