This time AMTRON with hoax

www.amtron.in whois info

This time hoax is being continued by the Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (AMTRON), the Nodal Agency of the Government of Assam for Information Technology. Since last few days, the website of the AMTRON is down due to some mysteriously  unknown reason, stating that their server is down and server updating is processing. It is not new that the AMTRON is misleading about their services. In October 5, the official website of AMTRON suddently went down and yet under same condition with a status message as “Welcome to AMTRON Server is updating ….”. A media report about the AMTRON’s server down also published on the same day that AMTRON’s server is hacked.

amtron.in whois info

Going through investigation Times of Assam has got the revealing info that AMTRON neither had any Web server for their own, instead their website is being hosted in Net 4 India Ltd’s server with a shared hosting package. The DNS(Domain Name Server) information of the domain amtron.in clearly confirms that AMTRON is having a shared hosting under Net 4 India Ltd’s server since September 18, 2008. So there is no question of having a server of their own to claim Server is updating. And in the state, it is yet no such Internet Connection provision to have a Web server, geographically located here. The traceroute information of the domain amtron.in also clearly proves that the website of AMTRON is hosted in the Kolkata based Web Server of Net 4 India Ltd. It is to be mentioned, that the company Net 4 India has 11 Branch offices with same numbers of Web Servers with the branches, out of one is Kolkata also.

Traceroute of amtron.in

It is also to be mentioned that the very next day after the website of the AMTRON got down, a tender notice was published in print media, where tender was invited for a project of many crores and it was also mentioned in the notice that the Tender Document can be either downloaded  from the AMTRON’s official website in a Open Document Format(ODP) or can be purchased from AMTRON’s office physically.

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This time AMTRON with hoax

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 6 min