Times of Assam hit by Plagiarism of Assamese Newspapers

For Times of Assam, it is nothing new that our news and articles have often been copied without consent or content stolen by other newspapers or online sites. There are several National and International ones who have always quoted our reference with honor or have sought permission from Times of Assam before publishing part or complete news articles, whom we really appreciate and honor back. However there are several in Assam, especially certain print media who continuously copy our news or articles. Several vernacular newspapers of Assam include this list – unfortunately.

Several news related to insurgency, crime or social issues about which only Times of Assam had first hand information had been exactly translated into Assamese or re-written in English without permission by other newspapers shamelessly. Since only very selected pieces are published by Times of Assam, we have so far refrained from making a hue and cry about such unauthorized copied publications for sake of goodwill amongst media and also sometimes for the cause of social welfare.

It was a pain to find, however an article titled Witch hunting: a stigma to society published in Assam Tribune dated April 30, 2012, written by Dr. Mridula Devi. Most of the words and sentences used by Dr. Devi were copied exactly as it is from another article Witch Hunting in Assam – Capital of Black Magic to National Shame by Sujata Das, published in Times of Assam on 30-August-2011.

The writer has already made a formal written complaint (via email) to the Editor of Assam Tribune about the issue of plagiarism, however even after 48 hours (till this report was composed), there has been no reply or acknowledgment by the Assam Tribune Editorial team. This is really sad for us, considering Assam Tribune is a historical name and one of the respected dailies of the state. We appeal to the Editorial team of Assam Tribune to look into the matter.

As of now, Times of Assam will keep strict vigil on contents being copied and would raise voice or take necessary action as appropriate. The hard work of our writers or contributors would not be allowed to be stolen again.

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