Trump card named Assam Police

An invitation to the prestigious Police Training College in Dergaon of Golaghat district to be a part of the audience comprising young trainee policeman, women and officers who had assembled to view Siddharth Kak’s, Red Ants and Maule Senapati’s, A measure of impunity, two documentaries about Naxalites and women affected by violence of extremist and state terror was to remain as an undying and memorable experience especially seeing young officers who are being readied to take heavy burden on their still young shoulders to do policing as per the exercises learnt in practical combat lesson or in the theoretical law classes which is supposed to be the core base of effective police training.

When it comes to law it is important that every policeman learn to use the fair and practical clauses of law as defined by the Indian constitution as a tool to control crime and maintain social order in the society without differentiation and marking law as applicable for all. But question is whether law in the hands of policeman has ceased to remain a puppet whose controlling strings are with the hands of unidentified powerful man who tends to keep law in their pockets.

To define what is LAW to our readers; Times of Assam investigations have found out that the Superintendent of Police, Jorhat, Dr. Sanjukta Parashar(IPS) has been an absolute failure in the case of the powerful Congress MLA from Mariani, Rup Jyoti Kurmi when despite the on duty policeman’s written statement clearly mentioning about the physical assault by the MLA beating him black and blue upon a trifle vehicular traffic movement at night in the Jorhat-Mariani road leaving him hospitalised, the SP has till date not been able to book the MLA or take action which on the reverse is a matter of great agony when an ordinary person booked under non-bailable case is arrested using all police resources and technique, and send to jail. But how has the MLA till now remained scot-free without the fear of arrest has stamped a big question on the functioning of the SP’s credibility! Well the answer is known by all but none wants to speak about though whispers from one ear to the other point out to the weak and demoralized Assam Police which dances according to the political strings and sings in tune with favoured equations. Hard to believe but it’s true. The MLA is not above the law as it is equal for everyone and political pressure and influence by the top bureaucracy at times can cripple the otherwise sharp and intelligent IPS Officers. Exception to this bitter truth was proved in Uttar Pradesh when a young IAS officer Durgashakti Nagpal had to face the brunt while trying to grip the sand mafia.

When Sanjukta Parashar joined as SP, Jorhat, hopes and aspiration was on an all time high with the people feeling confident with the lady SP who as an Assamese blood and hopefully got a posting in her own native state. With measures taken at her own initiative the SP was learnt to have got closer to the womenfolk of the district with cracking of several criminal cases besides operation against cadres of a militant organisation and recovering huge cache of arms and ammunition The SP’s infamous one day police volunteer programme again brought her close enough to the teenage community though seniors and intellectuals complained about gross human rights violation of the one day police volunteers in absence of a job guarantee in the police force in view of the rising unemployment problem. But by and large, Jorhat was peaceful in these last three years but the shot of fame got a permanent black spot with the inefficient handling of the MLA’s case and the very recent case of advocate Hemen Bora who had reportedly assaulted an on duty Arunachal policeman in front of the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court and when on the basis of an FIR filed by the Arunachalee counterpart, Jorhat police unleashed a full force of terror in an bid to arrest the advocate from the Bar Office Jorhat after being tipped off about the advocate’s presence in the bar library but once again it was an failed attempt since the advocate successfully gave a slip and escaped despite the presence of the entire police force which had barricaded the bar office from evening till midnight and until the next morning. Matters became worse when the police forcefully entered the bar office premises at 1 midnight resulting in a big fight between the police and the advocates. Never had in the history of Jorhat, did the people saw such an unusual and strange episode of police-advocate fight! What an irony?

Conscious citizen began to question the SP’s efficiency and inefficiency in handling the MLA and the Advocate case. People questioned why the SP couldn’t catch the MLA even when he was chairing meeting in the district library just 10 meters opposite the SP’s office at Jorhat. The MLA was seen talking to media persons in the road next to the SP’s office lambasting and jokingly criticizing the police force’s inability to catch him. Instead Rup Jyoti Kurmi leveled allegation that he was been forcefully made a victim of some person’s personal and others political vendetta.

Whatsoever be the reason Times of Assam has come to the opinion counted after taking views from many citizens throughout the state that law at the hands of policeman which was an effective tool to keep the society straight within its adjudication by delivering justice to the in-numerous two legged human who sometime go astray out of the social order framed by human themselves has today become an apple of discord at the hands of businessmen, politicians and the law enforcers themselves who have shot down to doldrums while remaining inefficiently negligible to control errand and powerful people who are otherwise law breakers and distantly away from the common man for whom the police, law and legal matters is like a spiked whip, the lashing of which forces them to remain responsible thus ensuring a crime free society.

Times of Assam readers might feel about what an obnoxious end to an important topic but it is to apprise of what dangerous trends the Assamese society is marching ahead in the 21’st century and whether if there is a scope to implement changes in government policies so that the police can do policing in an efficient manner creating examples for the younger generation to follow rather than remaining a trump card to be played by others as and when required.

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