Truth be Told – NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP Isak Sumi on Lt Col Suneet Newton’s claim


Isak Sumi, Suneet Newton

Issuing a counter Press Release to the media on PRO(Defence) of Indian Army Lt Col Suneet Newton’s statement published in Times of Assam yesterday, the NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP Isak Sumi today said the truth should be told.

In response to Indian Army’s Rebuttal of the story published in Times of Assam on September 28, 2017, the NSCN(K) spokesperson said, “The Eastern Command HQ(Indian Army) is advised to stay connected with their soldiers deployed in the field and to not tweet wishfully and blindly sitting in their comfortable office hundreds of miles away from the actual battle scene. The complete ignorance of the Indian Army HQ about the ground realities and the apparent disconnect between the Command HQ and their soldiers getting killed and injured while operating in the field is the fact that Eastern Command has no idea at all that Langkhu village is deep inside Myanmar Naga area situated around 15 Kms away from the international boundary where the encounter took place before dawn on September 27, 2017.between Indian Para Commandos and Elite Unit of NSCN/GPRN.”

Mr. Sumi also said, “The Indian Army HQ is unaware of the fact that their soldiers had illegally trekked more than two hours deep into Myanmar and in the process had side-tracked the first two frontier villages from India side, Khammoi and Loji and had already reached the outskirts of the third frontier village Langkho from where they were halted, killed, injured and repulsed by the Naga army.”

In response to the press statement published in Times of Assam and issued by Lt Col Suneet Newton, PRO(Defense) on yesterday, the NSCN(K) leader stated in his press statement, “The Indian Army’s PRO Lt. Col. Suneet Newton’s desperate rebuttal attempting to legitimise their blind claim by disowning Isak Sumi as NIA’s most wanted do not change the reality how their soldiers died, injured and suffered deep inside Naga Army’s territory on September 27, 2017.”

Moreover, Mr. Sumi also advised the Indian Army’s higher authorities to ascertain of the fact that Langkho village is nowhere near the so claimed Indo-Myanmar artificial international boundary but beyond several frontier villages.

Rejecting the claim Indian Army, Mr. Isak Sumi also added, “It is also interesting to note that while the Indian Army tries to derogate and undermine the Nagas as terrorists, they admitted to CNN, News 18, that after Pakistan, India is targeting the Nagas.”

Furthermore, Mr. Sumi claimed that the Government of India is treating Nagas as separate people and it clearly proves Government of India’s hypocrisy by suppressing and treating Nagas as a separate nation.

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Truth be Told – NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP Isak Sumi on Lt Col Suneet Newton’s claim

By: Dhruba Jyoti Deka Read time: 7 min