Zubeen Garg gets 3 months Jail for torturing Juvenile – Be gentleman


Popular Assamese singer Zubeen Garg has been sentenced to jail for three months with a penalty of five thousand in an assault case where he found guilty of assaulting a minor in 2013. It is a three-month term each in two IPC sections, where and 323 and 506, charged against him.

Zubeen Garg

The assaulted is the son of noted Advocate Arup Borbora and grandson of Ex-Chief Minister of Assam, Late Golap Borbora.

Jonmai Neog, the lawyer representing Zubeen Garg has stated that the singer has further received bail and has stated that he would now appeal to Gauhati High Court for further proceedings.

The case dates back to 2013 where Zubeen had allegedly slapped the minor in a studio, following which his father Arup Borbora, had lodged a FIR with the police. Later Borbora had filed another FIR complaining that the singer had revealed the name of the victim in some local TV news channels, which again is against the laws that protect the rights of the child.

After the news broke out about the verdict, Social Media was abuzz with his fans supporting Zubeen while the others welcoming the verdict. It was seen many fans supporting Zubeen blindly for slapping the boy which actually goes against the law. Further, if Zubeen actually moves to High court or even the Supreme court, the risks are even higher for the singer as he has been found guilty as per his own statements made in front of Media. He can neither revoke his statement nor claim innocence and he might further find himself in trouble in Juvenile case. It would be wise for Zubeen, for the interest of the people of the state who loves his artist side, that he behaves like a Gentleman and settles the situation with maturity and amicably if need be this can be done outside of court too.

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Zubeen Garg gets 3 months Jail for torturing Juvenile – Be gentleman

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