ULFA leader Bijoy Chinese alias Bijoy Das comes overground


Major Bijoy Chinese alias Bijoy Das, the Deputy C-in-C of ULFA hardliner faction and a trusted aide of its Chief of the Staff Paresh Baruah, has come overground and has expressed support for peace talks.

ULFA’s (anti-talk faction) Deputy C-in-C of Eastern Command, Bijoy Chinese had got in touch with police in Tinsukia and was being brought to Guwahati on Thursday.

“I support peace talks with the government and the ULFA (pro-talk) group. That is why I have come to participate in the talks. I have come back to the mainstream,” Bijoy Das told reporters while being brought to the Guwahati.

On the elusive C-in-C Paresh Baruah, who is allegedly in Myanmar, joining the peace process, the 50-year old Bijoy Das said, “I don’t know what is the latest position. I am sure they will come. I will tell you all everything later.”

“I appeal the others in ULFA (opposing the peace process) to also come forward in support of the parleys,” he said.

Asked if other members of the proscribed outfit were with him, Bijoy said, “I came with some others. Now I am alone … others will also come”.

On the strength of the Paresh Baruah faction, he said there are about 150 cadres and 30 senior leaders.

Meanwhile, the ULFA anti-talk faction in an email to Times of Assam said Bijoy Das had taken the decision to come overground for his personal and family reasons.

“We welcome his decision. We wish him well in the future with good health,” the email said.

ULFA Publicity Secretary Arunodoy Asom said in the e-mail that Bijoy had not surrendered and had not handed over any ULFA property to the security forces.

“By giving up the path of agitation (militancy) Bijoy has caused no loss to the ULFA,” he said. The statement also said that, except Heerak Jyoti Mahanta alias Naren Deka alias Jayanta Medhi, most of the deputy C-in-C of the outfit, including Buddheswar Gogoi, Ratul Kotoky, Kalpajyoti Neog, Chakra Gohain, Pradip Gogoi failed to maintain their revolutionary principle. Even so, Drishti Asom alias Drishti Rajkhowa is now maintaining his revolutionary position as the deputy C-in-C of Western Command of the outfit.

Bijoy Das was the commander of the outfit’s elite strike force 28th battalion, which was disbanded later. Later he was ranked up as Major from Lieutenant and appointed as the deputy C-in-C of the outfit after Arabinda Rajkhowa and his followers formed Pro-Talk faction.

Hailing from Tamulpur of Nalbari district, he had joined ULFA in 1989 and received his first training in the insurgency in Myanmar. In his very beginning days in ULFA, Bijoy Das was security personnel of the then Deputy Commander of Nalbari district, Tapan Baruah alias Madan Das. After the death of Tapan Baruah, the 28th battalion of ULFA was led by Mrinal Hazarika (real name Plaban Phukan), Prabal Neog (real name Benudhar Bora) & Bijoy Chinese (real name Bijay Das).

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ULFA leader Bijoy Chinese alias Bijoy Das comes overground

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