ULFA warns Assamese singers against singing Hindi songs


ULFA warns Assamese singers against singing Hindi songsThe ULFA has warned Assamese singers from singing Hindi songs in the upcoming Rongali Bihu functions and the organisers to desist from holding dances set to Bollywood songs.

In an e-mail sent to Times of Assam on Wednesday, April 10, Assistant Publicity Secretary of ULFA Lt Arunodoy Dohotiya alias Arunodoy Asom said “We urge the singers to keep away from singing Hindi songs and the dancers to also refrain from dancing to such songs. We have noticed that some singers first sing Hindi songs when the audience make requests for Bihu songs.”

Warning about strict vigil on Bihu functions, the press release said, “We will keep a strict observation on Bihu cultural shows. ULFA cadres will be compelled to protest at the functions hereafter of those singers, artistes and organisers disrespecting our appeal and Assam’s culture influenced by India’s culture.”

“The responsibility of an artiste or a cultural function organiser does not end in entertaining people with songs and dances. Their prime responsibility is to make the society alert and aware of its culture. Our position announced earlier for keeping our culture alive still stands. We urge the artistes to perform the local ethnic communities’ songs and dances at the Bihu functions”, Arunodoy Asom also leader added.

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ULFA warns Assamese singers against singing Hindi songs

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