UNLF(W) reforms, Khango Konyak is New Chairman – ULFA(I) sidelined!

After the death of veteran Naga Rebel leader SS Khaplang, the UNLF(W) has selected its new leader. NSCN(K) chairman, Lt. General(retd) Khango Konyak has been elected as the new chairman of the United Nationals Liberation Front of West South-East Asia (UNLFW). This was declared through a press note issued by UNLF(W) publicity committee comprising of Colonel Isak Sumi of NSCN(K), NDFB Foreign Secretary NE Esara and Jibon Singha Koch of the KLO.

UNLF(W) head to Representatives led by the Chairman Lt. Gen.(Rtd) Khango Konyak in black suit in the middle.

The statement informed that the decision was made during the general session of the UNLF(W), hosted by NSCN(K) on October 13-14 at Taka CHQ. The new chairman has been empowered with the full executive authority to direct/execute any actions or policies on behalf of the front and also during emergencies. UNLF(W) also stated that the establishment of the front and the functions of various committees and organizations were fully formalized by the house and also approved the front’s logo, nomenclature, and the motto.

The UNLF(W) also warned other non-UNLF(W) organizations operating in the WSEA region to desist from crediting the front of any actions or activities unless on consultation and agreement even in the event of joint-ventures. Since all the WSEA organizations were not members of the front, UNLF(W) said there was a need to clearly differentiate between UNLF(W) and other WSEA organizations currently maintaining the same base area. Using WSEA doesn’t necessarily mean UNLF(W) which at present is comprised of NSCN/GPRN, ULFA(I), NDFB and KLO, the UNLF(W) stated.

Meanwhile, the house also firmly “resolved and directed the member organizations to refrain from using the front’s platform in any way including issuing of statements to the media and foreign parley without the prior approval or consent of the UNLF(W) chairman.”

It is to be noted that the meeting seemed to have been conducted without the participation of the ULFA(I). The photograph of the meeting participants clearly showed that it was not attended by anyone from ULFA(I). Also, earlier the Publicity Secretary of UNLF(W) was  Aronody Asom of ULFA(I) which has been changed now as per the UNLF(W) statement.