Voters of Vadodara or Varanasi must be ready for Modi’s betrayal

Modi Wave – cries the media, BJP supporters and a dreamy Indian Middle class who has been dying for change, but not sure what that change is or what will be the outcome of the change.


Does Modi Fear of losing in Varanasi?

It is no secret as to why Modi is fighting elections from Varanasi, the sacred place of Hindus. This is to woo the voters of Uttar Pradesh who contributes maximum seats to the Lok Sabha. However, the very fact that Modi is playing safe by nominating himself from two places is a question mark on the so called Modi Wave. If there is indeed this hysteria of Modi, why does he not file his nomination and fight elections only in Varanasi? Does he feel insecure and threatened by Arvind Kejriwal- standing against him in Varanasi – that he also needs one more seat in his home state, as a risk mitigation just in case he loses in Varanasi? In Vadodara, he is definitely destined to win and there is no risk. But the fact that Modi has played it safe proves that BJP or Modi himself is not convinced that there is indeed a wave of himself or not.

Whom will Modi Betray – Varanasi or Vadodara?

Although AAP fans may not like this statement, it is almost certain that BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi is likely to win both seats – Vadodara and Varanasi.

Now, as per legal terms Modi can not retain both seats and will have to give away one seat for bi-elections later on. The big question is,- which seat will he give away.

Giving away Varanasi would mean inviting Arvind Kejriwal to take over the city, as Kejriwal would leave no stone unturned to ensure to inflict maximum damage on BJP then. BJP does not want Arvind Kejriwal to rise of course, at any cost. So Narendra Modi would be definitely giving away his home constituency to someone else, so that BJP retains that seat.

People of Vadodara, therefore is going to stand up in queues in the hot sun and vote for someone who would only leave them alone and put them up for voting again to someone else in a short time. But who cares – this is the Gujarat model anyway. A model which does not really need to be people friendly or democratic, but only need to boastful or proclaim to bring change.

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One Response to "Voters of Vadodara or Varanasi must be ready for Modi’s betrayal"

  1. Shehbaaz Ahmed  May 15, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    Dear Priyankan Da,
    I’d like to say that your
    posts are really worth reading and logic’d. It is certain that the Modi
    wave is just a hype from the facts like- Modi campaigned 18 hours a day
    in his home constituency. Its clear as crystal that the Modi wave has
    been created by biased and paid Media houses, betraying the principles
    of good journalism for reaping future benefits(benefits by making the
    common man suffer).
    Inspite of these, it’d be
    unfair to say that Modi is going to win from Varanasi. I had been to
    Varanasi and was amazed by the internal political knowledge of the
    people their. It seems they know whom to vote. For instance, a
    rickshawala explains me about the polictics going on their, like Ansari
    wants to support someone else, but is threatened by Ajai Rai to support
    him, Mayawati is going to send her votes to someone unmentioned.

    But the saddest part is when some people said us on face,”We know
    Modi is corrupt and will do corruption after coming in power, but we
    will vote Modi just because of HINDUTVA.” Its just that people keep
    their religious morals above the Country. They DONT WANT TO WAKE UP and
    its impossible to wake up someone who is PRETENDING to sleep.

    Tomorrow we will know whom the people of India has chosen, and maybe
    the voters deserve it. It’ll be a great lose to the nation for another 5
    years if a Govt comes which is not Transparent, does not provide
    SWARAJ-for which Mahatma Gandhi had fought for, doesnt provide the
    I may be too small to say this, but as
    a voter I’d like to say- The rise of Modi shows where the country



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