Youths killed at Dudhnoi aren’t NDFB but ULFA cadres

By- Staff Reporter | Date- July 14, 2012


In a recent report, it has been found evident that the three youths killed in an encounter with Assam Police weren’t NDFB cadres but ULFA cadres working earlier under the command of Pro-Talk leader Heera Saraniya.

Talking to a correspondent of Times of Assam, the Commander-in-Chief of NDFB(Ranjan Daimary faction) I B Sangbijit declined the police’s claim as those three youths were not NDFB cadres. Sangbijit also clarified that the trios were picked from Bagsa district few days earlier and killed and then thrown into the jungle of Shalpara of Dudhnoi.

However, it is not confirmed about the family of the dead youths about the real incident.

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