Akhil Gogoi stacks with controversy over Guwahati girl’s molestation row

Akhil Gogoi stacks with controversy over Guwahati girl's molestation row

Flashing out the recent Guwahati girl’s molestation row, KMSS leader and RTI activist Akhil Gogoi today claimed in a press meet that one journalist of satellite channel NewsLive, named Gaurav Jyoti Neog is the prime culprit behind the inhuman incident. Defending his own claim, Akhil Gogoi also announced that he had video footage of NewsLive journalist Gaurav Jyoti Neog, which is sufficient to prove that Neog was the prime culprit.


Later when the attending journalists asked to show the video footage, Akhil Gogoi said that he would submit it to the police first, and then he will submit to journalists. The most confusing point was Gogoi himself slammed Assam Police terming them as Ass Licker and Dalals(Broker) of Congress a few minutes earlier in the press meet. Here the question can be raised, while Akhil himself shown distrust towards Assam Police, how he could say that he would submit the video evidence to the police first than submitting it to media. How long Akhil needs to submit the video to Assam Police?

After Akhil Gogoi’s press meet, we, Times of Assam sent our journalist to collect the video from him which he promised to deliver to media after 7 pm of yesterday evening. Even so, neither there was anybody present in the KMSS office, nor their gate was opened. Instead, our journalist came back waiting in front of the locked door of the KMSS office. When our journalist called Akhil Gogoi over the phone, Gogoi told that he is in a live program of a satellite channel, which was a clear lie. This made the entire situation more mysterious.

At evening 9 PM, the Electronic Media Forum of Assam(EMFA) released a press statement urging Akhil Gogoi to prove his allegation against NewsLive journalist Gaurav Jyoti Neog before today 4 PM. Most importantly, another NewsLive journalist Parag Moni Aditya is the Working Presdient of EMFA, which has been introduced today only. It is yet not certain that Akhil Gogoi really had such video footage, but his confidence in press meets about the footage indicated some political motive. If Akhil didn’t have any political motive, then he would have submitted the video footage to media personnel who were asking about it in the press meet. If he did so, there would have more protest and pressure on the government to take serious action against the culprit. Even so, Akhil didn’t do such and resulted out the controversial situation over the issue.

Akhil may have video footage of NewsLive journalist Gaurav Jyoti Neog, which can prove Neog as the prime culprit. However, observing his past deeds, we can’t expect he would submit it to either police or media.

If Akhil Gogoi thinks that he can win the One Man Show, then he is wrong. It is already unfolded that most of his activities have been controversial as well as biased or evidence was hostile.

We can’t follow Akhil Gogoi with blind eyes, where he says ‘Assam Police is ass licker and dalal of Congress’ and at the same time show his trust on the same Assam police by telling about evidence submission to police.

Akhil Gogoi, it’s not about your One Man Show. It’s about our nation. It’s about our motherland. Prove your claim as true and force Assam government to throw the NewsLive journalist to jail. You are at the pillar of support from many Indians over this inhuman crime.

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3 Responses to "Akhil Gogoi stacks with controversy over Guwahati girl’s molestation row"

  1. Mr Bignoise  July 14, 2012 at 12:48 PM

    Akhil gogoi might have some good intentions to begin with. But as it looks he might have outlived his intentions. He has neither become a good RTI activists nor a politicians. His aparent hostile attitude towards only one political party, exacly like the “Anna hazare and company” will sink him . He should have been neutral as far as politcal partys are concern inspite of whatever provocations. In this case ” unke dal mein kooch kala hain”

  2. Satyajit De  July 14, 2012 at 02:08 PM

    1. I never seen Christian Basti area, but I think this place is not a holy peaceful place. So, how people (male & female whatever) go there too at night in a bar?
    2. What are these boys & girls doing at that odd hours and odd place? Point taken, it is not a restaurant, rather a bar. So, was it too necessary to celebrate a so called “birthday” there at night (not evening)?
    3. Those girls and guys are so close and bosom that finally they involved into brawl and fight for liquor payment !!! Is it friendship? Huh !!!
    4. When people see that some girls and guys are fighting and arguing with each other openly in front of a bar after drinks at night then naturally it makes suspicion about their identity. Interestingly, suppose if it reveals that those girls & guys are antisocials/drug dealers/terrorists then the same people who are showing sympathy for the girl or talking about morality will ask openly that where were the local people or why the local people were inactive, etc, etc.
    5. Mahatma Gandhi once said “the day a woman can walk freely on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence.” Very true, but did Gandhiji used to support liquor or did he support the fight done openly in front of a bar for a liquor payment?
    6. Statically it is found that many crimes like drug deal/weapon deal/human trafficking are triggered from this kind of bars.
    7. Why the girl and her family refused to meet a delegation of the Assam State Commission for Women when visited their home for an inquiry? Why they are silent?
    8. Other females were also passing by the bar, but why those people targeted particularly this girl, may be the smell of liquor coming out from her mouth was a vital reason.
    9. Who knows that the people who molested the girl thought that finally the police wont do anything, may be those people are irritated or disturbed due to this bar culture, may be it is a result of mass-frustration due to poor unsecured administration. On the other hand, by some comments, some people are trying to indicate that in India, the worst, corrupt, and poor-administered state is Assam and remaining other states are all paradise.
    10. But finally, this issue should be judged very carefully by the court because it is a matter of molestation. One more thing, I think, many people do not know the real fact … they are just simply reading only the headlines, watching the video and commenting, so it is better let us know the real fact and then we should comment. May be my comment contains unintentional unwanted omissions or errors, so if it hurt anybody then I apologize.

  3. Sanjeev  July 15, 2012 at 05:26 PM

    The victim girl has been punished for taking birth in India.
    More then the mob that molested, bystanders are the real culprit. The day is not far when their daughter and Sisters will meet the same or worse fate and there will be no camera that time so the world may not know but their dear ones will live the horror every moment, like this young girl.


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