Bangladesh General Elections 2018 : Sting Operation reveals drama of fake election


A political sting operation by Times of Assam, that was led from the August of this year, has now come to end few hours before the General Elections in Bangladesh is going to be held.

Part 1 of the Sting operation: https://www.timesofassam.com/international/bangladesh-general-election-sting-operation-reveals-autocracy-of-sheikh-hasina/

Part 2 of the Sting operation: https://www.timesofassam.com/international/sting-task-exposing-sheikh-hasina-fake-audio-clip-was-created-against-bnp-leader/

In the month of October, Sheikh Hasina administration had offered a bribe to Times of Assam to publish fake news portraying BNP and Jatiya Oikya Front are backed by Pakistani spy agency ISI and ISIS, through a renowned journalist in Bangladesh, who is a Bangladeshi spy working to dug Israel Administration and MOSSAD. He pretended to be an anti-Bangladeshi establishment, but he is not and is a smart spy of Bangladesh Government, especially Sheikh Hasina and Major General (Retd) Tariq Ahmed Siddiqui.

As the part of the sting task, the report ISI’s zeal of Jamaat-e-Islami controlled government in Bangladesh Election was published as Hasina wanted to blame her political rival connecting with ISIS and Pakistani spy agency ISI. After it was published, Hasina team distributed the report of Times of Assam to several Bangladeshi media and the Bangladeshi media started publishing and airing the news as Hasina team planned. But Hasina could not even imagine that it was a part of our sting task.

As the report was circulated by Hasina team themselves, they failed to realize that they are already in the trap.

Times of Assam performed the sting operation by pretending to work for the journalist who was working on behest of Sheikh Hasina. Hasina, who is ruling very autocratic, has been worried about media reports of Times of Assam, and no other media as this was outside of her control being a non-Bangladeshi establishment. So, she tried in different means.

Shahidul Alam, after his release on Bail, had given an interview to News18 and this was a major headache to Hasina’s close aides. Times of Assam was asked to stop Shahidul Alam’s impact by countering the news and reports of Shahidul Alam. However, Times of Assam had seen this ahead and acted initially as Hasina’s puppet and this convinced the journalist who was working on behalf of Sheikh Hasina, more confidence on Times of Assam. A fixed amount of US$5000 was offered to Times of Assam via the aforesaid journalist and was supposed to be transferred from Malaysia or Canada. Times of Assam has got all kinds of evidence of these aspects and during this period, Times of Assam team was able to find out (from communication with the mediator) that almost all of the media, both print or electronic media was sold or owned by Sheikh Hasina’s autocracy.

Anyone standing against her was crushed and this had installed fears amongst many.

Sheikh Hasina’s team fell into the trap with Times of Assam when a report in support of Sheikh Hasina, which was published a sting task, was used in her election campaigns showing that a reputed international medium like Times of Assam, which was an expert in militancy issues was reporting and speaking on behalf of Sheikh Hasina. These reports were written by the mole of Bangladeshi government and Times of Assam has got sufficient proof as these were sent via emails. Soon after, When Times of Assam refused to act like a puppet and started exposing the truth, the administrators of Bangladesh did not appreciate it at all but went visibly mad!

The identity of the mole in the Hasina administration will not be revealed by the Times of Assam for his or her own security, as the ask from this person by Sheikh Hasina was a failure and knowing Sheikh Hasina’s autocratic style of leadership, that person’s life or career itself might be threatening.

However, Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League party did all the foul play by blocking news portals, as well as internet services, are slowed down to a few Kbps. With such slow Kbps of data connection, no one is able to browse major websites. Even Twitter and Facebook are also slowed down and this is major oppression of the freedom of speech.

Autocrat ruler Sheikh Hasina is keeping the people of Bangladesh completely away from the world in terms of news and happenings around the world and this was in the interest of keeping the people away from the truth, keeping them oppressed using DGFI. All unethical practices by the Hasina administration can be compared to a state emergency, created artificially only with vested interest and autocracy.

On the other hand, most of the opposition leaders of Jatiya Oikya Front and BNP being in Jail are unable to put up any state. Secret killers are being used to kill or silence strong candidates for the general elections.

In our sting operation, Times of Assam has been able to find out the nexus of team Sheikh Hasina and the paid media and journalists. Her contacts and teams operate from Sri Lanka, Sweden, Canada, UK, Malaysia, and India.

While she did try, Hasina did not succeed to get recognition and support from the US administration and Israel’s MOSSAD, as the same mole she had used for Times of Assam actually had tried to set this up but had failed.

Our mole in Hasina team, as the part of our sting operation, found that the Bangladesh General Elections are clearly a hijacked election and all EVMs to be used have been already tempered in the month of October.

The general elections in Bangladesh 2018 are more of a drama to showcase that there is still some democracy and people’s support for Sheikh Hasina.

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Bangladesh General Elections 2018 : Sting Operation reveals drama of fake election

By: Brenda Christine Read time: 16 min