Twitter India trends with #GobackModi & #GoBackSadistModi hashtags


The Twitter in India is overflowed with hashtag #GobackModi and #GoBackSadistModi from early morning today. Twitteraties from Assam, Tripura, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamilnadu are on top with both hashtags.

The anger over the Prime Minister increased after he delivered a controversial speech over the ‘Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016’ in a public meeting held in Assam.

On Saturday, in a rally held by the BJP in Changsari near Guwahati, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the BJP will implement the ‘Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016’ at any cost.

While the North-Eastern states are protesting against the bill, Modi attempted to legitimize the Citizenship Amendment Bill in his discourse conveyed at the ‘Bhumi Puja’ of proposed ‘All India Institutes of Medical Sciences’ (AIIMS) in Changsari.

It is to be mentioned that on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was welcomed with black flags in Guwahati by protesters of several student organizations despite section 144 of CrPC was imposed by the administration concerning Modi’s visit.

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Twitter India trends with #GobackModi & #GoBackSadistModi hashtags

By: Joideep Bora Read time: 4 min