29 Thousand crore Loan on Assam – Truth behind pseudo development

By- Staff Reporter | Date- July 21, 2012

The Congress led Government of Assam has claimed regularly and without any shame about big progress and development of the state in last decade. Ever since Congress took over the state’s power in 2001 beating main opposition AGP, the state Govt has claimed of big development although corruption, every sort of crime, social violence and other devastation are the record high in the state’s history.

Yet, what lies hidden unknown to most people of the state, especially those believes in the Government’s shameless lies, is the amount of Loan in Assam and its people currently. A question in the Assembly yesterday revealed that Assam is under the burden of a loan worth Rs. 287,669,200,000 (Close to Rs. 29 Thousand crore) as of 31st March, 2012. This makes the amount of loan on each and every person of Assam at over Rs 9,200 and this amount is increasing at an alarming rate every day owing to the interest rates.

A huge majority of this amount has been loaned from various International organisations. Assam is therefore loosing more and more of its economic Independence every day and almost become a slave of capitalists.

The amount of money involved is so high that quite naturally, Assam Government will be forced to follow orders of the Capitalists and not according to the wishes of the people. This is already evident from examples all around us,- opined various people on this issue.

On September 23, last year Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi had stated that the growth rate in Assam during the last decade is better and higher than Narendra Modi led Gujarat! However as on 31st March, 2012 Gujarat has 8809.4 crores as loan pending to be cleared, which is about only 30% of the amount pending in Assam. The loan amount per person in Gujarat (with a population of 6,03,83628 as per 2011 census) is less than Rs 1500.

With these figures, it is clear about the fake claims of Assam Government who has only sold the state and its people to agents of the west. It’s tough days ahead for Assam,- who remained only a colony of exploitation because of of its own self-centered rulers.

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