Assamese youth killed by BPF Mafia – Post Lok Sabha Election violence


Time and again, the BLT terrorist turned Mafia & Political party BPF (Bodoland People’s Front) has been known to be more of a mafia group rather than a peaceful political party, which they claim themselves to be. This was proved once again – as members of this terrorist group turned political party gunned down a popular and socially active Assamese youth Manoj Das – in evening time of July 23, 2014 – in Baksa district of Assam.

A six men of guns led BPF mafia shot Manoj Das from close range in front of a medical store where he went to purchase medicine for his father. Das got hits of eight bullets fired from 9MM pistol. Manoj Das – a central committee member of Aasu’s Asom Sena wing – was actively involved in the election campaign of Sonmilito Jonogosthiyo Oikyo Mancho (SJOM) – backed candidate Naba Kumar Sarania in the 2014 Lok Sabha election. SJOM is a non-Bodo platform of different organizations opposing the illegal formation of BTAD. BTAD – formed under the leadership of notorious terrorist Hagrama Mohilary – is covering 4 districts where Bodo ethinicity is minority.

After killing of Manoj Das, curfew was imposed immediately. Even so, thousands of protesters came to street and protested against BPF mafias and police authority. Situation is still tensed in Baksa district.

Manoj Das was popular in his region for selfless helping of the people, at any hour of the day. He used to take relentless efforts in ensuring people to be safe and secure, in the otherwise troubled region which was much disturbed by BPF mafia. He got death threatening for several times in last April from a BPF mafia, about which he lodged FIR also. But police took no action and it resulted out barbaric killing of Das finally.

By this hate crime, it is assumed that BPF mafia wants to send a signal to the people about its strength in the region by killing innocent people. It also looked like the outfit wanted to warn well-wishers of Loksabha MP Naba Kumar Saraniya, who swept Elections in the region with the promise of not allowing a BPF mafia and Bodo terrorist to separate Assam.

It is high time that such terrorist and BPF mafia are treated with extreme strictness and peace and security be restored for the people of this region.

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Assamese youth killed by BPF Mafia – Post Lok Sabha Election violence

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 6 min