BSF & BGB meet at New Delhi

India Bangladesh border

By- Staff Reporter | Date- March 16, 2012

A high level meeting between Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) are going to be held today at Dhaka.

This is the second of this type of meeting after signing of the joint border management deal between India and Bangladesh during the Prime Minister’s visit to the neighboring country.

A 22-member Bangladeshi delegation of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) headed by Major General, Anwar Hussain, arrived on Thursday for this meeting. The BSF delegation would be headed by Director General of BSF, U K Bansal and would take part in the conference along with senior officers from The Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs and Survey of India.

During the meeting, Border Security Force (BSF) is likely to submit a list of wanted militants hiding in Bangladesh. During the last meeting on September 25, held in Dhaka, the agenda focused on agreement of the modalities of the joint border management which the two forces were to operate.

The vulnerable patches of the long 4,097 kilometers of Indo- Bangla border are being manned jointly through an agreed upon demarcation, by the two border forces to keep closer watch through border patrolling, checking infiltration and illegal cross border trade, especially of cattle.

Mentionable that with increasing improvement of political relationship between India and Bangladesh, it is being strived to also improve the relationship between the border guard forces of the two neighbors. The meeting to be held today is expected to lead this relation further in a positive direction.

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BSF & BGB meet at New Delhi

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