Foreign delegates on a two day workshop in Assam Agricultural University

The second International workshop on Current Progress and future strategy of the Department of Bio Technology (DBT) – Assam Agricultural University (AAU) is being held in the department of Biotechnology, AAU during September 26’th to 28’Th to bring in national and international experts working in the various fields of biotechnology closer to the students, researchers and scientist of the university working in the field of biotechnology for a threadbare discussion.

In the ensuing two days programme, detailed deliberations by programme leaders of the DBT-AAU center as well as external experts will be made in the field of gene technology, molecular breeding, Bioprospecting, Biocontrol and biofertilizers which are the key areas of research of the DBT-AAU. The external experts include Dr. T J V Higgins, CSIRO Australia, Dr. Arvind Kumar, IRRI, Philippines, Dr P A Kumar, NRCPB, New Delhi, Dr. S Das, IIL, Bhubaneswar and Dr. R Kaushal, Y S university of horticulture, Himachal Pradesh.

On this occasion of the workshop a poster competition is being organised based on post graduate research involving students from various institutes of North East region and also students from IRRL Cameroon and Nigeria.

Following the workshop the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting will be held on 28’Th September which will be attended by the Honorable AAU VC Mr. K M Buzarbaruah under the chairmanship of Dr, T J V Higgins, Honorary fellow, CSIRO, Australia and the chairman of SAC. The meeting will be also co-chaired by AAU VC Mr. K M Buzarbaruah and Dr. SP Ghosh, Senior Consultant, NERBPMC, New Delhi along with the advisor from the funding organisation (The DBT Government of India) Dr. T Madan Mohan.

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