Google Panda Update 2.2–Symptoms and Remedies


Google Panda Update

Google Panda Update 2.2, the latest update by Google to their search engine ranking system has hit the rankings and affected search results of millions of websites across the globe. This update by Google is targeted to downplay content farms and websites which have heavy amounts of duplicate pages.

Mentionable that Google has been releasing a series of updates to their search engine ranking system since February this year. First it was the Google Panda Update, and then the Google Panda 2 and most recently Google Panda update 2.2. Google Panda update 2.2 was deployed a week earlier so silently that it took the web world by complete surprise. For example, popular sites such as eHow and Wikihow, who publish contents previously published elsewhere has been hugely affected.

Certain situations widely seen post implementation of Google Panda Update 2.2

  • Quality of site, not power of keywords anymore

Some websites have complained of visitor drops ranging from 20% to 50% post the implementation of Google Panda update 2.2. This is mainly because Google now trying to give more importance to quality than the strength of the keywords.

In earlier days the mostly the keywords yielded the results and websites could manipulate their content using strong and popular keywords. However with this update by Google, it now depends on the location of the keyword and not just the words. Google will show up better results of the sites with good quality and not from any xyz sites just because they use the strong keywords repeatedly.

  • End of monopoly by Exact Match Domain (EMD) sites

Exact Match Domain Sites of EMDs used to a gold mine for lot of product and marketing companies. For example, if there is a site called weddingring.com and someone searches for keyword  wedding ring in Google, the user is bound to get to the site weddingring.com even if the quality of site is pathetic compared to other sites of similar businesses. With the Panda Update, users will be able to reach to better sites instantly and the monopoly of such Exact Match Domain searches will be over.

  • No more rise to fame by Copy-Paste

The Google Panda Update 2.2 has enough resources to knock down spam bloggers who just copies content from other websites and auto-blogs from authentic contents. This is being welcomed by the web world as the phenomenon of powered by Control-C, Driven by Control-V was hitting the original and authentic sites badly. It is being hoped that Google Panda Update 2.2 will help overcome this piracy.

Ways to Crack Google Panda Update 2.2

  •  Stop copying articles as-it- is into websites

Google wants to bring an end to the practice of duplicate websites showing up better results and ranks by publishing duplicate articles (published elsewhere originally).  Websites are better served if they do not copy or publish the same article as it was published originally. However if the article is published by providing a link to the original website and with a separate introduction about the article, Google considers it as quality indicator of the website and throws up better in search results and rankings.

  •  Include unique content with same popular keywords

Google is tired of reading the same thing on different websites and one thing they want out of the Panda Update 2.2 is more original. Hence keeping an active stream of well written content with same keywords into a website will be blessed with favorable rankings.

  • Be regular in posting content

Google is known to show better results with recent content material and quality content. So a website that is more regularly updated with unique content has better chances of appealing more visitors through Google searches.

  • Increase incoming links from Authority Sites

Common and popular authority sites include Facebook.com, Youtube.com, Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, etc. Google is seen to have respected sites which are directed with hyperlinks from such authority sites. So if someone shares a link of your website in Facebook in his wall, it means Google with value your website.

However all of the above are for the English sites only as Google has not launched this update for other languages sites.

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Google Panda Update 2.2–Symptoms and Remedies

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