India at Mercy of Terrorists – Failed Democracy or beginning of Self-Demolition

By- Priyankan Goswami

Freedom is the liberty to choose your own chain of slavery – goes the saying. After what happened in Mumbai last evening, it is now clear that freedom for people of India now lies under the mercy of those who least cares about us, – terrorists, corrupted rulers and the super-rich capitalists who controls us.

The anguish of the Aam Aadmi of the country is once again justified. It is once again proved that we are all just meek slaves of a state machine who can burden and loot us with more number of taxes than the number of fundamental rights we are entitled to; but can provide us with the least security. A state machine who justifies beating up a rich Sanyasi Ramdev for protesting against Secret wealth stashed in Swiss Banks; but cannot even decide to hang Azmal Kasab. A state machine whose army has probably more accuses of killing or harassing innocents and raping women in disturbed areas than the number of terrorists whom they hunted down proactively.

Let us see a short chronology of a few recent major terror strikes in India

  • Last evening a series of three serial blast rocked Mumbai with more than 25 people found dead and more than 100 injured. Two days earlier, a passenger train in Assam was derailed with a bomb blast. Thankfully none was killed though more than 100 injured.
  • Last December, a two year old girl was killed and 25 others badly found injured in a blast which took place between the Dashashwamedh and Shitla ghats by the river Ganga in Varanasi.
  • A year and a half earlier in Pune, on Feb 13 2010, 17 innocent people killed and over 60 found injured when a bomb exploded in the famous German bakery.
  • None could ever forget the Mumbai terror attacks on Nov 26, 2008 in which 166 innocent people killed were killed in coordinated serial explosions and indiscriminate gun firing across Mumbai.
  • Though the rest of the country might (as usual) not even know about this, – Assam on Oct 30, 2008 had 77 people killed and over 100 injured  in a series of bombings across Assam done by NDFB. Stranger than fiction is that CBI has found the explosives used in the blast to be from Indian Army!
  • Imphal on Oct 21, 2008 had seen 17 found dead in a blast near Manipur Police Commando complex.
  • Malegaon on Sep 29, 2008 saw five innocent people killed in a blast at a crowded market. New Delhi saw total of 29 people dead in two separate incidents on Sep 27 and Sep 13 of 2008.
  • Ahmedabad on July 26, 2008 had 57 people dead after 20 low intensity blasts took place within two hours. Jaipur on May 13, 2008 had 68 innocent people dead in serial blasts.
  • 30 dead and 60 injured in Hyderabad terror strike, Over 200 killed in 2006 Mumbai train blasts and 62 killed in Delhi on the day of Diwali in 2005 are few more to name.

Time and again, innocents have been killed because of political intentions or for sick attention seeking propaganda of terrorists.

Media and section of our rulers are now starting to question Pakistan for it, as always done in the past. However before calling and blaming our Favorite enemy Pakistan for any terrorist attacks, it is high time the ground situation is judged. The ways to destroy terrorism cannot limit to political rounds of conferences not can it limit to routine police checks or army operations. Here is a handful, for India in specific.

Stern actions against campaigner of religious or communal hatred

Religious leaders or leaders of ethnic tribes or communities who spread hatred and mislead youths are one the major root causes of terrorism. While no religion advocates violence and terror, there are certain outfits, which misinterpret religious scriptures to misguide gullible people. Whether the step to hunt down terrorists requires taking an anti-religious or communal stand, the state must be prepared to risk it for the sake of coming generations. The younger generation afflicted by terrorism, must be exposed to contemporary ideas of democratic decentralization and the universal values of humanity.

Mass grievance has to be controlled proactively

As Quoted by historian Sir Michael Howard, Terrorism thrives in a sea of perceived injustice. That is why, some economically well off regions and states throughout the world are exploited emotionally and have taken to terrorism while poorer regions have not.

Poverty, illiteracy, wrong parts in culture, social isolation, poor governance and corruption are the key roles of terrorism in India.  Frustration, the urge to protest against the system and the violent tendencies in some youth is exploited by interested groups to help the process of terror. Here the worst form takes shape in the name of imposing extreme communal, fundamentalist and religious beliefs. Innocents are targeted and a climate of fear is created.  Thus people with grievances, – regional, economic, political or social, against any systemic exploitation are leaded to act as terrorists. Unless current system of Indian democracy, which has led to all of root issues, is changed and corrected, the rise of the violence to protest can never be stopped.

Expose countries promoting international terrorism and boycott them

It is critical that countries that support terrorism, sponsor it or provide security to terrorists are totally exposed and isolated. Bangladesh had to flush out the ULFA s and the NDFB rebel because of sheer pressure. But Indian does not dare to try putting in heavy pressure on China or Pakistan for same reasons. This has to stand. No more compromise on internal security for maintaining a good name to the rest of the world who does not care how many of us die.

We have nothing to lose now. Inflation is all set to wipe away our economy. Gaining food prices, sky rocketing cost of medical treatments, education or basic cost of living threatens to kill poverty by killing all poor. Unequal distribution of wealth makes living harder and harder for the average man. To add to the woes, terrorist strikes all over India have made the country, already rotten with corruption an even more insecure place to live in. The booming IT industry, tourism and the pride of the Indians who consider themselves to be superior to everyone else all been affected by the lack of safety and justice.

If India does not wake up to change the entire system in its roots, the very doers of conflict and terror, our coming generations are in for more trouble. Hatred and counter hatred would rise to terrorism against Terrorism. Just as a deeply anguished Swami Aseemanand took to terrorism being frustrated over the state’s failure to punish terrorists, there will be a day when hundreds others might take the same path. Terrorism against terrorism will the new rule of the game just as armed struggles had emerged after failure of democratic protests. If this happens, we do not need to wait for a third world war to destroy us.

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