Media Bias – Still holding impact

ULFA Press Release

By- Subhasys Das | Date- 14, 2011

It is indeed strange the Media houses of Assam can be so forgetful and ignorant at times. When the newspaper reported the news about the notorious Lebu, accused of extorting money in Arabinda Rajkhowa’s shadow, no emphasis was given to the most important facts. First of all who this Lebu was, – he is the same person, once a key man of Paresh Baruah and a co-coordinator between the ULFA and Government of Bangladesh till he was arrested in 1997 in Mumbai along with Dr. Brajen Gogoi and ULFA Cultural Secretary Pranati Deka. The identity itself was completely ignored and missleaded. Nowhere it was mentioned that this Lebu’s real name is Phanidhar Medhi. Indeed the media had no information about the Lebu, assuming the surrendered one from Nagaon the reports were publicized. By creating hype around a no-issue, the newspaper successfully allowed everyone to involve in a petty debate. Not only was this a waste of time and energy, it also allowed public attention to divert from major issues to petty issues, in fact reportedly a false one as claimed by Arabinda Rajkhowa later.

Similarly, the newspapers made immense cry over the alleged SUPRA state model the NSCN was reported to have achieved from the central Government for creation and domination of a greater Nagalim. However the same media and media personnel are found never to raise any word for or against the demands of so many statehoods either out of Assam or from neighboring states. As media is the major driver of public attention and opinion, any stand should be genuine, yet it is not be found in our media of Assam.

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Media Bias – Still holding impact

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