Planned factional dispute of ULFA takes new turn

By- Staff Reporter | Date- November 22, 2011

The pro-talk faction of ULFA, reacting to the Paresh Baruah led hardliner faction announcing to form a new central committee, stated that people of Assam would stand against Paresh Baruah’s position in coming days. In a press release sent to Times of Assam by its member of publicity department, Kamal Kachari, the faction alleged that the publicity commander of the hardliners, Arunodoy Dohotiya is unconstitutional as per the policies of ULFA.

The press release further stated that the ULFA pro-talk leadership, currently engaged in lateral talks with the Union Government of India, has respected to the voice of the people of Assam who wanted peace and solution to the decade long problems through a political dialogue.

On the other hand, in another press release sent by Kamal Kachari, the pro-talk faction reacted to Hiren Gogoi’s article published a few days ago in an Assamese newspaper. The outfit reacted to Gogoi’s statement Arabinda Rajkhowa is acting like Government spokesman and stated that Rajkhowa is only respecting people’s wishes to leave the means of arm struggle and come forward for a solution through peaceful political negotiation. It also reacted to Gogoi’s another statement As long as Paresh Baruah remains strong and at large, the lateral talks would not yield fruitful results, saying that the outfit does not believe in dictatorship of one individual (indicating their C-in-C Paresh Baruah).

Both the press releases tried to prove as if the factional divide within ULFA is growing bigger. However the fact that no replacement of positions in the outfit currently hold by the pro-talk leaders would be done in the new central committee itself shows that the real scene is one again a well planned and executed new addition to the public and media, as a part of the entire drama being enacted about factional disputes. It is evident now,- one group wants to talk and grab political powers, while the other wants to get stronger militarily. For this, the two groups have to look like enemies of each other and most media, unable to see through this game-plan, is helping the insurgents get stronger.

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