Pro-Talk ULFA forms new Military ranks silently


After the hardliner faction of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) announced a new central committee by making promotions to the rank of the leaders who stayed back with Paresh Baruah, the Pro-Talk groups of the outfit are found to have done the same.

Army Rank of ULFA

The Pro-Talk faction of ULFA, currently engaged in lateral talks with the Government, has silently made promotions to their middle-level leaders as evident from the invitation regarding the ceremonial rites of the outfit’s Late Leader Bhimkanta Burhagohain alias MAMA. As an example, Captain Heera Saraniya, Commander of the 709 Battalion of ULFA has his rank changed to Lt Colonel Heera Saraniya. Similarly, Captain Mrinal Hazarika is now Lt Colonel Mrinal Hazarika, Captain Apurba Baruah as Lt Colonel Apurba Baruah, Lt Gulit Das as Lt Colonel Gulit Das, Captain Pradyut Gohain as Lt Colonel Pradyut Gohain, Captain Pranjit Saikia as Lt Colonel Pranjit Saikia, Captain Pallab Saikia as Lt Colonel Pallab Saikia, Captain Biju Deka as Lt Colonel Biju Deka, 2nd Lt Phanidhar Medhi alias Lebu as Captain Lebu, 2nd Lt Arpan Saikia as Captain Arpan Saikia and so the others. All middle-level leaders are in fact seen with a new and promoted designation with their Army ranks.

Mentionable that, over a month before Colonel Paresh Baruah re-organized his faction forming a new Central Committee and ranking up the Army Ranks of them like Lt Bijay Das alias Bijay Chinese as Major Bijay Das, Lt Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha as Major Drishti Rajkhowa, 2nd Lt Partha Gogoi as Captain Partha Gogoi and so on. Paresh Baruah himself ranked up from Colonel to Major General.

With this, it is now evident that the dispute between the Pro-Talk and hardliner faction has taken a new shape.

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Pro-Talk ULFA forms new Military ranks silently

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 5 min