Pro-Talk ULFA leader Heera Saraniya arrested for kidnap, murder & robbery

Pro-Talk ULFA leader and former commander of 709 Battalion of the outfit, Heera Saraniya has been arrested in connection of a recent case robbery, kidnapping & murder in Guwahati.

Heera Saraniya, along with Sarfaraz(Advocate), Bineet Jain, Pankaj Kalita, and Pradip Choudhury robbed one Rajan Lohia on July 30. They looted approx 1 Crore of money from the house of Lohia. After the robbery, Bineet Jain and Heera Saraniya indulged into an internal clash about the sharing of the robbed money.

As per an agreement between Heera Saraniya and Bineet Jain, Bineet was supposed to get paid 50% of the money which Saraniya didn’t pay. At that mid, Heera Saraniya killed Bineet Jain and threw his body in Brahmaputra river. Guwahati SSP Anand Prakash Tiwari  (IPS) revealed the info to Times of Assam.

When asked, the SSP Mr. Tiwari also said that they will be produced before CJM court, Kamrup, but the charges are yet not framed yet as the case is not registered till the moment.

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