Quota to Muslims likely in Assam – Next Strategy of Congress


By- Staff Reporter | Date- January 13, 2012

Assam is likely to have quota for Muslims soon, as hinted by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. In press conference yesterday, Gogoi stated that the Assam Government has formed a committee to finalize the quota formula and we will soon declare the details.

The Chief Minister also suggested that the Congress has no problem with a merger with Badaruddin Ajmal led All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), who was a rival of the Congress in last Assembly elections in Assam. The AIUDF had come strong as the main opposition, mostly making it through votes of Minority Muslims. Also, Badaruddin Ajmal incidently has been campaigning in Uttar Pradesh already for the Congress, where a 100% increase in the Muslim sub-quota (from 4.5% to 9%) is already declared by Congress if they win the elections.

The Assam Chief Minister’s is expected the state’s political spree by storm in coming days as the state has now the second highest percentage of Muslims amongst all Indian States, second only to Jammu & Kashmir.

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Quota to Muslims likely in Assam – Next Strategy of Congress

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 3 min