Reasons why Congress(I) should not win Assam Assembly Election

History has proved that the most dangerous Political Party who has been fooling the indigenous people of Assam with their dirty and two faced characteristic is the Congress (I). Congress has been the root cause of all major problems and issues of the state, which were created by the party only with the intention of using them to come to power and rule the state in colonial manner.

Creation and continuation of Assam’s biggest problem ever – Illegal Bangladeshis

First things first, – the biggest and most debated, fought and extensively protested issue of the Assam, the illegal immigrants issue and it was created by none other than Congress itself. It was an Indira Gandhi led congress, with her loyal leaders (the betrayers of the people) of Assam who invited and allowed settlement of tens of thousands of Bangladeshis by opening up the Indo-Bangla border during 1971- 74. In the naming of providing Bangladeshi (then East Pakistan) rebel groups support against its fight with Pakistan, the Congress used the situation to its maximum to create a huge and permanent vote bank in the region.

The situation with illegal immigrants soon grew strong, to the fear of the people of the state but to the delight of the Congress, when it was found that a huge number of names in the Assam voter list of the 1979 elections were Bangladeshis or illegal immigrants. The situation grew worse when the first death during protests against illegal immigrants took place on 9th December 1979. It was the death of young Khargeshwar Talukdar, student of Bhabanipur College, who died in a police lathi charge while protesting against filing nomination by Abida Begum, wife of the then President of India Fakaruddin Ali Ahmad, terming her as an illegal migrant from Bangladesh. With Congress ruling the state, there was no interest shown by the Government and the Assam Agitation took off.

The Party that always disrespected and crushed democratic aspirations

The Congress always maintains their identity of democratic protest or struggle, which it decorates itself with using the history of the Gandhis and the Nehrus. But in Assam, it was the first party who dis-respected genuine democratic protests and tried to demolish public aspirations. In 1983 when Assam agitation was in full swing with students loosing valuable educational years, the Indira Gandhi led Congress imposed the elections in the state without even caring about the protest to disregard the illegal immigrants in elections and deport them to Bangladesh. The Assam Movement, which was by and large peaceful and completely democratic with protests carried in the Gandhi taught fashion only, the state machine forced by Congress jumped in with brutal force against the people.

The Congress led state machine not only took endless innocent lives through a culture of using force to overthrow demands and democratic protests, but created a Frankenstein with Assamese youth now starting to think beyond hunger strikes, picketing and processions with slogans. With Congress led destruction of 1983, a slowly-getting-frustrated young generation of Assam who had given up their education and career dreams in a hope of sending illegal migrants from Assam started thinking about another method of revolution now – the voice of the Gun. Had the situation of illegal Bangladeshis not deliberately created or at least proper efforts were made by the party to control the situation, the hundreds of Assamese lives would not have been lost in the agitation, nor would have the rise of armed revolution been prominent.

Even till date, the same agenda is being followed. Just an example, when the entire state is asking for a closure of the mega dam projects because of its threat to indigenous lives and property, it is continuing to crush public aspirations because it might dissatisfy the Party’s central leadership, all puppets of the elite capitalists of the country. Even Prime Minister Dr ManMohan Singh, who claims his Rajya Sabha candidature from Assam, has done nothing ever in this context.

The Party who denied justice to victims of Rape by Indian Army

When the destruction of peace and killing of innocent lives during the President’s Rule and army operations had reached its peak in Assam in 1990, Congress took advantage of the situation to come to power in 1991. It used the sentiments of the people promising to revive back the peaceful days, negotiate with the ULFA to solve the matter and even entered into a secret agreement with the ULFA to come to power. But after coming to power, it just forgot all its promises. Army Operations got deadlier, failure of the peace process with ULFA and continued killing of innocent civilians.

The forgetful people of Assam may have easily drained this down their memory lanes, – but would the families of those innocent girls raped by the Indian Army during those years forget those terrible days, especially since they were denied justice by the Government.

Only a few examples:
· 14 Year old Bhanimai Dutta who was gang raped by Indian Army on October 16, 1991, at No. 2 Khowdang village near Naoboisha area in Lakhimpur District had died due to her injuries. But her family never got any justice till date for their daughter.
· 20 year old Raju Barua, at Gohpur in Sonitpur District, who was gang raped by seven army men and killed.
· 16 Year old Nilima Boro and 14 year old Fouduro Boro who were raped by Army on 18th May, 1992 at Satgiri, Khairahari village under Tangla police station of Darrang district.
· 28 year old housewife Undibala Roy of Lubdungguri, Bijni in Bongaigaon was raped by Army men on 22nd October, 1991.(Registered case at Bijni Police station – Case No. 89191- uls 376)

There are many cases of rapes, killings and injury of innocent civilian by the State sponsored agencies, which have never got any sort of justice.

The Party that created the most hatred Mafia in Assam – SULFA

It was Congress who created the rift between the ULFA, brought back cadres from the outfit by luring them with money, vehicles and further allowing them to retain their deadly weapons. This process was a major political ploy by Hiteshwar Saikia led congress in their rule from 1991 to 1996 to use them against the ULFA as well as to use them for their own benefits. These ex-militants, with the support of the Congress took undue advantages of their power by using their weapons in trade and business. They soon were branded as the infamous SULFA, a mafia gang hated by all section of the society yet silent because of the fear of their guns and congress’ support to their dirty activities.

The Party that tyrannically tied down Media and Journalism

Journalism, newspaper or simply the press is called the fourth pillar of democracy in India. Yet when a brave Parag Kumar Das thundered against the dirty autocracy of Congress led Government during the early nineties in Assam, he was arrested multiple times and sent to Jail in 1992 under the National Security Act (NSA) and thereafter under the draconian Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA) in 1993! Even his books like Swadhinotar Prostab (A proposal for independence) were banned and manuscripts seized by the Congress led government. The same was done with Ajit Kumar Bhuyan and several other journalists; whoever tried to voice against the tyranny and corruption of the Congress and Indian state machine was arrested, threatened and put behind bars!

The Party that created the trend of buying jobs

During the period of 1991 – 96, almost all Government jobs could be got only by paying huge bribes to the leaders of Congress, ministers and their close aides. This marked the beginning of a dark chapter in Assam where lakhs of educated unemployed were sitting frustratingly idle getting no source to earn and most being from rural families having no money to get jobs. Even in many cases, people who gave money as bribe to the congressmen did not get jobs but their money never returned. This was just the beginning of a trend of corruption and till today people of Assam thinks that anyone who got a government job has bribed some state officials.

The party that destroyed education for generations

The congress has been given the honor of creating a strong student base in Assam by providing every 10th pass out who scores above 60% with a computer or advanced laptop. It has also distributed cycles for the female students for transportation, a step welcome by all. But the question is how relevant is the laptop to students just because he or she scores a 60%, a percentage which is nothing in today’s national or international spree. It had been far better if, instead of shelling out thousands of crores of tax payers’ money in laptops, the investment was done in improving the educational sector as a whole. But Congress chose in bribing every household with a laptop or computer just to ensure its popularity rises and vote bank increase, though it could never take a single step in ensuring computer education in the state.

There are hundreds of schools without proper infrastructure, hundreds of schools without proper teaching staff but nothing is done about them. The flow of students of Assam for higher education in other states, thus taking hundreds of crores worth economy away from the state, is at an all-time high. Yet the Congress kept busy in distributing laptops and doing nothing except opening extremely few additional collages for Medical and Engineering courses, which wouldn’t even suffice students of a single district aspiring for such courses.

Most importantly, the Congress created fake back dated jobs for teachers during their rule in 2001-05, something which cannot be tolerated. It shows that not only have the party failed by not creating a proper infrastructure for education, but have actually damaged it for generations to come.

The party that is run by the rich only to get richer

The recent Rs 10,000 crore scams of N.C Hills with CBI’s raid finding 100 Crore alone at NC Hill’s Autonomous Council’s Executive R H Khan’s residence, Akhil Gogoi’s accusing with concrete proof about Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma’s corruption (his news channel and property), etc are no out of the box surprises or exceptions. These are only a continuation of the Congress Party’s ever green capitalistic approach of democracy, where they act as puppets of the capitalist sections to help them get richer (and getting themselves rich too!)

For congress, democracy has been, as someone rightly pointed out, Buy the people, forget the people and off with the people, as quoted by our one of the readers Ashifur Zaman.

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